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Editor’s Letter: A historic business

The contemporary art trade may seem like a funny old business but historically it has played an integral role in the development of Western art

30 Aug 2014

The Week’s Muse: 30 August

The problem with posthumous art; a bitter exit for France’s Culture Minister; and why you should plant a poppy at the Tower of London this autumn

30 Aug 2014

Aaron Curry and Andrew Brischler: the art of process

Two young artists argue for a return to paint and pencil

29 Aug 2014

Idris Khan

35, London, UK

27 Aug 2014

Jasper Sharp

39. Adjunct Curator for Modern and Contemporary Art, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien Vienna, Austria

27 Aug 2014

Victoria Siddall

36. Director, Frieze Masters London, UK

27 Aug 2014

Among the poppies: volunteering at the Tower of London’s war memorial

Paul Cummins’ red field of poppies has been planted by volunteers, and is still growing

27 Aug 2014

What are we to make of posthumous art?

An exhibition of Garry Winogrand’s photography at the Metropolitan Museum includes many posthumous prints. Do they have a place there?

25 Aug 2014

The Week’s Muse: 23 August

Bob and Roberta Smith stands up for art in schools; Alfredo Jaar interrupts the adverts in Times Square; and the utopian appeal of geometric art

23 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘Portraiture Now’ at the NPG Washington

A new exhibition contends that portraiture doesn’t reflect the self; it constructs it

22 Aug 2014

Review: ‘Multiple Exposures: Jewellery and Photography’ at MAD New York

In focusing on recent innovations, this exhibition risks losing sight of some of the original allure of its subject

21 Aug 2014

‘It’s a building that only reveals itself by experience’. Inside the Clark Art Institute

After its long-awaited redevelopment, the Clark has unveiled an impressive new building designed by Tadao Ando alongside refurbished galleries by Annabelle Selldorf

20 Aug 2014

Review: ‘The Art and Science of Exploration’ at the Queen’s House

A new display of art from Captain Cook’s voyages is compelling, but doesn’t quite tell the whole story

18 Aug 2014

Muse Reviews: 17 August

Perspectives on war: Marsden Hartley’s paintings from Berlin in WWI; and Mark Neville’s photographs and films from Helmand Province, Afghanistan

17 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ at the Cantor Arts Center

Satan, sin and the underworld…selected highlights

16 Aug 2014

Enigmas: Caroline Walker’s lithographs and paintings

The characters in Walker’s works are caught in moments of enigmatic significance, at once inconsequential and charged with possible implication

15 Aug 2014

Apollo 40 Under 40: The Thinkers

Which curators, writers, academics and educators are steering public opinion about art?

14 Aug 2014

Are art installations the new video games?

Playful, interactive, digitally-enhanced: is art straying closer to the video game than ever before?

14 Aug 2014

Review: Mark Neville’s Helmand Work at the IWM London

Mark Neville’s films and photographs from Afghanistan reveal the strange banality of war

13 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘Landscape, abstracted’ at the MFA Boston

For centuries, painters have experimented with the landscape. Where will today’s artists venture next?

12 Aug 2014

Review: ‘Marsden Hartley: The German Paintings 1913–15’ at LACMA

After three formative years in Berlin, Hartley returned to the US at the forefront of the avant-garde

11 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘East of the Wallace Line’ at Yale University Art Gallery

Art from Indonesia and New Guinea goes on show at the Yale University Art Gallery

9 Aug 2014

The Week’s Muse: 9 August

A look back over some of the recent news and comment from Apollo’s Muse Room

9 Aug 2014

Stanley Spencer’s Masterpiece: The Sandham Memorial Chapel

Love him or hate him, Stanley Spencer’s First World War paintings at Burghclere will win you over

8 Aug 2014