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Stimulating the mind and the eyes: Barnes and Shonibare

Yinka Shonibare’s work at the Barnes Foundation is both entertaining and deeply reflective

22 Mar 2014

The Week’s Muse: 22 March

Lost, stolen, restored, repackaged and photographed: a round-up of art news and debates from this week

22 Mar 2014

To Shoot or Not to Shoot: Photography in Galleries

Are the rules governing photography in many major museums just too confusing?

21 Mar 2014

Michael Craig-Martin at Chatsworth: March Apollo

In Apollo’s March issue we spoke to Michael Craig-Martin ahead of his exhibition at Chatsworth House

21 Mar 2014

TEFAF 2014: Ten Galleries Pick Their Highlights

We asked 10 galleries at TEFAF to pick out their personal highlights

20 Mar 2014

Whitney Biennial

It’s been billed as ‘the broadest and most diverse’ Whitney Biennial to date, and the enormous variety of this year’s display is no bad thing

19 Mar 2014

‘Deliberate Clichés’: An Interview with Matthew Darbyshire

‘There’s nothing particularly radical or subversive in ridiculing the classical’. Matthew Darbyshire discusses art history, appropriation, contemporary clichés

18 Mar 2014

Hidden Treasures at TEFAF

Some of Maastricht’s masterpieces are easily overlooked

18 Mar 2014

‘Ruin Lust’ at Tate Britain

Ruination is a condition of modern life. An exhibition at Tate Britain explores its enduring appeal

17 Mar 2014

A Tour of Asia Week New York

A roundup of highlights from Asia Week New York which runs from 14–22 March

15 Mar 2014

Beyond TEFAF: What’s on around Maastricht

A look at some of the outstanding satellite shows being staged alongside TEFAF

14 Mar 2014

Small Wonders: The Oskar Reinhart Collection ‘Am Römerholz’

A finely honed selection of masterpieces of European art

Meditations on Film: Bill Viola at the Grand Palais

Meditative and mysterious, Bill Viola’s video work asks timeless questions

13 Mar 2014

The Face of War: ‘The Great War in Portraits’

This thoughtful and thought-provoking exhibition gives the war a human face

6 Mar 2014

Forum: Is it ever justifiable to burn a fake?

Apollo’s March Forum asks what should be done with ‘fake’ paintings

4 Mar 2014

Art14 Highlights

Something had clearly gone very right at Art13 last year – Art14, its successor, was positively rammed on its opening night

2 Mar 2014

Art14: Balancing Acts

Putting together a new fair is a challenge – it needs to have a distinctive direction to it

1 Mar 2014

Malcolm Rogers to retire from the MFA Boston

Malcolm Rogers, the director of the MFA Boston, has announced that he is to retire

28 Feb 2014

Flip Charts: Flipping art in contemporary auctions

Trophy works by hot young artists are frequently sold repeatedly in a short space of time. What does it mean for the art market?

24 Feb 2014

Basalt in St James’s Park

Jill McManners’ watercolours of the forbiddingly beautiful Shiant Isles look compellingly out of place in central London

23 Feb 2014

The Week’s Muse: 22 February

Our weekly round-up from the Muse Room: art in the rubbish bin; a president’s apology; and the great ideas behind art and design

22 Feb 2014

A Collection of Ideas: Five Innovations

Luke Baker introduces five of the unusual design items in MoMA’s ‘Collection of Ideas’

21 Feb 2014

Obama’s apology to art historians

Obama has sent a handwritten apology to Professor Ann Collins Johns for the ‘off-the-cuff remarks’ he made about art history

19 Feb 2014

Florida artist destroys Ai Weiwei vase

A Florida artist has been charged with destroying a vase by Ai Weiwei in an apparently deliberate attack

18 Feb 2014