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Panel stolen from epic tapestry in Edinburgh’s St Giles Cathedral

Plus: Hundreds protest arts funding cuts in San Diego | Tamara Winikoff stands down as director of NAVA | Diamond encrusted tiara stolen from Karlsruhe museum

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Scottish Diaspora tapestry stolen from Edinburgh’s St Giles Cathedral | Police in Edinburgh are investigating the theft of a panel forming part of a large tapestry from St Giles Cathedral, reports the Scotsman. Entitled Scottish Diaspora, Andrew Crummy’s design incorporates more than 300 panels. The incident is believed to have taken place on Sunday afternoon, and was captured on CCTV. Crummy’s work was previously targeted by thieves when a panel was stolen from another tapestry that was displayed in Kirkcaldy in 2015. The missing object has never been found.

Hundreds protest arts funding cuts in San Diego | Demonstrations have taken place in San Diego in protest at proposed cuts to the city’s culture budget, reports the San Diego Tribune. Plans to reduce arts funding by $4.7m – or 31per cent – have been put into place in a partial attempt to keep the city’s $80m deficit under control. However, they have proved controversial. ‘We can’t use difficult times as an excuse not to invest in the things that we care about,’ said councilman David Alvarez, an opponent of the measures. ‘If we actually care about the arts, then we need to figure out how to fund the arts.’

Tamara Winikoff stands down as director of NAVA | Tamara Winikoff, executive director of Australia’s National Association for the Visual Arts, is to step down after 22 years with the organisation. Winikoff has been involved in Australia’s arts sector since the 1980s, and in 2014 was awarded the Order of Australia in recognition of her contribution. ‘Tamara’s contribution to NAVA, to Australian artists and to the sector as a whole has been extraordinary,’ said NAVA chairman James Emmett.

Diamond-encrusted tiara stolen from Karlsruhe museum | A tiara valued at €1.2m has been stolen from Karlsruhe’s Badisches Landesmuseum, reports ArtNet News. The theft allegedly took place on 29 April in broad daylight, though so far no witnesses have come forward.

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