Art Diary

Past Made Present: Dutch Shadows in the Black Atlantic

26 August 2022

Including paintings, textiles, photography and jewellery, this exhibition at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum (3 September–6 August 2023) reflects on the afterlife of Dutch colonialism during the early modern period. Looking beyond the works of the Dutch masters, the exhibition reconsiders the period commonly referred to as the ‘Dutch Golden Age’ by examining how art history has been shaped by the slave trade. Contemporary pieces are juxtaposed with 17th-century works drawn from the museum’s holdings. Highlights include Kennedi Carter’s photographic portrait Shahqueel (2020), which depicts a young man dressed in early modern dress, complete with a ruff and gown. Find out more on the RISD’s website.

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Shahqeel (2020), Kennedi Carter. RISD Museum. Courtesy ROSEGALLERY; © Kennedi Carter