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Remainder (2016), Omer Fast. Tom (Tom Sturridge) peers round model of Madlyn Mansions

‘Remainder’ replays the past in a doomed search for the truth

Let’s face it, this film about a man struggling to regain a sense of reality is perfect viewing this week

30 Jun 2016
Totality, 2016, Katie Paterson

Fitting the entire universe into an art gallery

Katie Paterson once beamed Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata to the moon and back. At the Lowry, she continues to explore the vastness of space

26 May 2016
Art Museum Gösta Serlachius

Factories, fine art and starry skies in rural Finland

The Serlachius Museums in Mänttä are an admirable example of how art can flourish outside Helsinki

25 May 2016

Should public art be in the public domain? Sweden doesn’t think so

A recent court case involving Wikimedia in Sweden has taken the art world by surprise

21 Apr 2016

In Moscow, art speaks truth to power…sometimes

Artists and museums in the Russian capital testify to the uneasy relationship between art and the state

25 Mar 2016

The Week’s Muse: 21 March

Bardo museum shooting; Regional museums in crisis; Changing times for Helsinki’s museums; Richard Long on mud and mark-making; and art fair highlights

21 Mar 2015