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The Apollo podcast: Rob and Nick Carter

Rob and Nick Carter with Thomas Marks

In this Apollo podcast, Thomas Marks meets artists Rob and Nick Carter to discuss their new studio-viewing space in London, RN at 5A, and the launch of their Yoga Photograms series – in which beguiling photographic images of yoga poses have been created without using a camera. The artists reflect on their interest in the Old Masters and in early photographic techniques, and discuss why it is so important for them to make work that has a broad public appeal. Scroll down for images of some of the artworks discussed in this podcast.

Yoga Photogram, matsyasana, Fish Pose (2017), Rob and Nick Carter

Yoga Photogram, nidrasana, Variation of Side Lying Pose (2017), Rob and Nick Carter

Yoga Photogram, shvanasana, Four Limbed Staff Pose (2017), Rob and Nick Carter

Yoga Photogram, pranamabhadrasana, Butterfly Pose (2017), Rob and Nick Carter

RN at 5A, Rob and Nick Carter’s studio-viewing space in Bathurst Street, London

Bronze Oak Grove (2017; installation view, North Flower Work, Kensington Gardens), Rob and Nick Carter

‘Yoga Photograms’ is at RN at 5A, London, until 29 November 2017.