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The art of group sauna sessions

What links a trip to the sauna and some of the UK’s leading art institutions?

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Last week, German art collective MAIK Alles Gute was in London to stage an unconventional art event. Guests were invited into the Chelsea home of the daughter of a prominent art collector to take part in group sauna sessions, using water from the dehumidifiers of institutions such as the British Museum and the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Once steamed, punters were handed white towels to wipe off their sweat, which the artists are now treating with chemicals to retain, using the same processes as police forensic scientists. The resulting ‘body paintings’ will go on show at L’Étrangère gallery in London this autumn. Rakewell’s informant professes to have enjoyed the experience immensely – but stopped short of accepting the artists’ offer of a post rub-down communal shower.

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