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The Edible Art Fair: Seven Artworks Made of Food at Art Basel


Photo: Apollo staff

1) Rirkrit Tiravanija and chums are chopping veg on the Messeplatz all week, having knocked up a field kitchen outside the fair for all those hungry high-net worthers. Visitors can have a go with Rirkrit’s cleaver or practise washing up before heading into the fair for that £100million Picasso.

2) Crumbs! LEVY Galerie from Hamburg has a solo stand of Daniel Spoerri ‘Snare-Pictures’, which show the remnants of meals eaten decades back, improbably tipped 90 degrees so that they seem to cling to the walls of the exhibition centre.

Photo: Apollo staff

3) Cold masters. For Painting the Roof of Your Mouth (Ice Cream), Davide Balula has commissioned a quartet of arty gelati using natural flavours found in the pigments in his paintings. River ice cream tastes like a mouthful of wintry seaweed; burnt wood bursts with all the flavour of an incinerated fish.

4) A Kara Walker piece at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. tackles the sticky history of sugar production. Her monumental sculpture of an African boy is coated with molasses and carries a basket liberally sprinkled with brown sugar.

Photo: Apollo staff

5) The moules school. Head to Michael Werner gallery if you’re looking to shell out on a Marcel Broodthaers’ mussel collage…

photo3] Photo: Apollo staff

6) What would Olafur Eliasson do with a Slush Puppie machine? Probably fill it with gaudy cordials, as Opavivarà have done at Rio-based gallery A Gentil Carioca.

Photo: Apollo staff

7) ‘Knifes [sic], juicers, cups, and fresh oranges’ are just some of the media listed in Daniel Steegmann Mangrané’s pop-up juice tent at Esther Schipper. A haven for the fair’s smoothie operators.

Photo: Apollo staff

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