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Ulay claims victory in court case against Marina Abramovic

22 September 2016

Our daily round-up of news from the art world

Dutch court orders Marina Abramović to pay Ulay €250,000 in battle over joint works | A court in the Netherlands has ordered Marina Abramović to pay her ex-partner and former collaborator Ulay €250,000 in unpaid earnings from the sales of joint works, reports the Guardian. Ulay sued Abramović last year claiming that she had acted in violation of a 1999 contract concerning works they created together, saying that she had not provided him with accurate sales statements and had only paid him four times in 16 years. ‘I won the case on the most crucial points’, Ulay said. ‘[…] To my opinion, the court verdict was fair and just to the truth.’

Future of Jonas Dahlberg’s Utøya massacre memorial in doubt | Plans for a memorial to the victims of the 2011 Utøya massacre designed by Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg have been thrown into jeopardy due to the objections of local residents. According to The Art Newspaper, Norway’s minister of local government and modernisation Jan Tore Sanner stated that he was willing to shelve plans for the work in order to reach a settlement with a local opposition group, who say they will sue the state in order to stop the project. The group is led by a politician from the right-wing Fremskrittspartiet party in the country’s ruling coalition.

Sadiq Khan orders review into Garden Bridge procurement | Dame Margaret Hodge is to chair a review into the finances of the proposed ‘Garden Bridge’ project, reports the Architects’ Journal. The review, which will cost up to £25,000, will examine whether funds so far spent on the project represent value for taxpayers’ money. ‘The planned bridge is a major project in an iconic part of London, and there are clearly questions that remain unanswered around issues like procurement’, Hodge said in a statement.

Fire ravages Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Art | More than 40 firefighters were called to combat a blaze at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Art yesterday, reports the Daily Telegraph. Though the flames had lost some intensity by the early hours of this morning, the Greater Stockholm Fire Brigade said that the blaze was not yet under control. The fire was reportedly caused by burning cardboard boxes on the institution’s fourth floor.

Artists among recipients of MacArthur Foundation’s ‘Genius’ grant | Artists including Joyce J. Scott, Vincent Fecteau and Mary Reid Kelley are among the figures to be awarded the 2016 MacArthur fellowship, colloquially known as the ‘Genius Grant.’ The New York Times describes the fellowship as a ‘no-strings-attached grant’ of $625,000 distributed over five years, awarded in recognition of exceptional ‘originality, insight and potential’.