Art Diary

Wild at Heart: Romanticism in Switzerland

13 November 2020

While some museums are closed again due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Apollo’s usual weekly pick of exhibitions will include shows at institutions that remain open as well as digital projects providing virtual access to art and culture.

For Lord Byron, Switzerland was ‘the most Romantic region in the world’; throughout the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the country became a place of pilgrimage for poets and painters from all over Europe, seeking to experience for themselves the vertiginous awe inspired by its mountains and the pristine beauty of its lakes. This display of around 150 works includes Swiss scenes by painters such as Caspar David Friedrich, Eugène Delacroix and J.M.W. Turner – while also exploring how Swiss artists themselves reacted to the advent of European Romanticism (until 14 February 2021). Find out more from the Kunsthaus Zürich’s website.

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Ploughed Field (c. 1830), Caspar David Friedrich.

Ploughed Field (c. 1830), Caspar David Friedrich. Hamburger Kunsthalle

Fir Trees (1849), Arnold Böcklin.

Fir Trees (1849), Arnold Böcklin. Kunstmuseum Basel

Loneliness at Dusk (1794–96), Henry Fuseli

Loneliness at Dusk (1794–96), Henry Fuseli. Kunsthaus Zürich

The Eiger at Sunrise (1844), Alexandre Calame

The Eiger at Sunrise (1844), Alexandre Calame. Deposito della Confederazione svizzera, Ufficio federale della cultura, Gottfried Keller-Stiftung