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Zihao Chen

Co-founder, Longlati Foundation, Shanghai

Co-founder, Longlati Foundation, Shanghai

The artist and collector Zihao Chen is a co-founder of the Longlati Foundation, a Shanghai-based non-profit arts organisation established in 2019 to advance the work of emerging artists and artists who have historically been underappreciated. Last year, the foundation took over 7,350 square feet of space in the Art Tower, which is also home to some the city’s best-known galleries and institutions, including ShanghART, the Yuz Museum and the Shanghai outpost of the Long Museum. The space comprises two exhibition halls, one of which is dedicated to exhibitions of works of international female artists and hosts a programme of artist and writers’ residences. The foundation also offers substantial financial support for artists through its patronage programme, which provides annual grants totalling $450,000 to Chinese artists born after 1990.

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