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A morsel of Marina Abramović

The performance artist has collaborated with Ladurée on a macaron that distils her personality (so they say)

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If you’re in Paris for the art fairs (or anything else) next week and fancy a sugar rush, Rakewell has just the ticket. An organisation called Kreëmart (‘a collaborative artistic entity that takes contemporary artists out of their typical creative process by providing the medium of sugar as their ultimate provocation’, apparently) has invited him to an event to savour: nothing less than the Paris launch of a macaron personalised by Marina Abramović.

According to a statement, the veteran performance artist has teamed up with the macaron magicians at Ladurée to create a limited-edition macaron that captures ‘her history and who she is from the perspective of taste’. Presented in a specially designed pyramidal box, the macarons are a distinct hue of Prussian Blue and are stamped with Abramović’s father’s family crest – a ‘Coat of Honour’ representing the ‘delicate balance between fragility and strength’.

Abramović sees the project as something resembling an edible self portrait. ‘My work is most of the time immaterial because performance art is immaterial, it is conceptual and limited by time. Kreëmart’s work in the medium of sugar is completely immaterial too, because you consume it, you eat it and it’s gone.’

What next? Jeff Koons baking pains au chocolat?

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