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The Apollo podcast: Adam Lowe

Thomas Marks talks to the founder of the Factum Foundation about how digital technologies are conserving world heritage

Adam Lowe

Adam Lowe

In this Apollo podcast, Thomas Marks talks to Adam Lowe, the founder of Factum Arte and the Factum Foundation, about the central role now played by digital recording and reproduction in the conservation of world heritage, as well as in art-historical interpretation and the creation of contemporary art. The discussion ranges from the ‘Michelangelo and Sebastiano’ exhibition at the National Gallery in London, for which the Factum Foundation has produced a facsimile of the Borgherini Chapel in Rome, to projects in Egypt, Daghestan and Chad – as well as Factum’s ‘playground for artists’ at its headquarters in Madrid.

In 2014, the Factum Foundation was awarded the inaugural Apollo Award for Digital Innovation. Scroll down for images of some of the projects discussed in the podcast.

The recreation of the Borgherini Chapel

Stoppelaëre House, Luxor, built by Hassan Fathy, and now transformed into a training centre for the Theban Necropolis Preservation Initiative

The restored dome at Stoppelaëre House, Luxor

Clearing and recording at Nkrigom, Cross-River State, Nigeria

This podcast was recorded on 30 March 2017.

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