Four things to see: the patrons who transformed the arts

From Scipione Borghese to Peggy Guggenheim, collectors have long supported the careers of the world’s most influential artists

1 Sep 2023

How a leopard stool from Cameroon got its spots

This beaded seat represents the might of a monarch – and his global reach, says Kristen Windmuller-Luna of the Cleveland Museum of Art

1 Sep 2023

Four things to see: The art of exploration

On the anniversary of Captain Cook’s first voyage to Australia, we consider the history of exploration through four objects including a map of sea monsters and a robot used for navigation

25 Aug 2023

Four things to see: The power of the witch

How tales of witchcraft have spellbound artists and makers for centuries

18 Aug 2023
Jackson Pollock drip painting

Four things to see: Abstract Expressionism

On the anniversary of Jackson Pollock’s death, we look beyond the legend of the artist to the many other figures whose work defined the movement

11 Aug 2023

Hartwig Fischer to step down as director of the British Museum

Plus: Russian missiles have damaged Odesa Cathedral and Joop Sanders (1921–2023)

30 Jul 2023

Four things to see: The moon landing

To mark the anniversary of Neil Armstrong stepping foot on the moon, we take a look at four objects inspired by our beloved satellite

21 Jul 2023

In the studio with… Zadie Xa

The mythology-mad artist magics up textiles, paintings and sculptures while surrounded by Korean masks and other miscellany – including the ashes of her late dog, Chicho

19 Jul 2023

Four things to see: The art of revolution

On this year’s Bastille Day, we have selected four works that capture the spirit of revolution

14 Jul 2023

In the studio with… Flora Yukhnovich

The painter enjoys a bird’s-eye view from her high-rise studio, where she works among paint-encrusted books and a surprisingly large stack of bridal magazines

11 Jul 2023

Institutions cut ties with David Adjaye after sexual misconduct allegations

Plus: report outlines destruction of cultural property in Sudan and Michael Kauffmann (1931–2023)

9 Jul 2023

Four things to see: Expressionism

From Käthe Kollwitz to Edvard Munch and beyond, this week take a look at some of the key figures of this important movement

7 Jul 2023

Four things to see: Pride

How artists have depicted homosexuality at various points in history

30 Jun 2023

Four things to see: Midsummer

The mystical associations and strange rituals of the summer solstice have captured the imaginations of artists for centuries

23 Jun 2023

Four things to see: animals in art

From Edwin Landseer’s stag to an ancient Egyptian hedgehog, this week we’re celebrating animals throughout art history

16 Jun 2023
installation view of Norman Foster exhibition

Four things to see: visionary architects

On the 98th anniversary of the death of Antoni Gaudí, we take a look at cutting-edge designs by some of the most influential architects of the last century.

9 Jun 2023

Hangdog expressions and haunted royal hounds

A painting of Marie Antoinette’s favourite dog has sold over the odds, but life for Pompon and other rococo-styled pooches was no walk in the park

4 Jun 2023
Fulcrum (1987), Richard Serra. Broadgate, London; Courtesy British Land

Four things to see: minimalism

From Keith Sonnier in Florida to Richard Serra in London, we have put together a list of minimalist masterpieces to see this week

2 Jun 2023

‘Every prince in Europe would have coveted a goblet like this’

This richly coloured glass is a window to a key moment in the history of science and of princely patronage, says the Rijksmuseum’s curator Maartje Brattinga

30 May 2023

From Bruce Lee to Blobbyland – a guide to London Gallery Weekend

With more than 150 exhibitions staged across the capital, Apollo’s editors pick out the ones they don’t want to miss

19 May 2023

4 things to see: the coronation of Charles III

From a special ointment to an Aztec stone, we have gathered together a set of essentials to get the new King through his big day

5 May 2023

4 things to see: International Dance Day

Art and dance have been engaged in a pas de deux for centuries

28 Apr 2023
watercolour painting of a girl in a kitchen

Unhappy medium – the pensive watercolours of Richard Foster Yarde

The American artist’s melancholy approach is part of a much punchier tradition says Elisa Germán, co-curator of a show at Harvard Art Museums

27 Apr 2023

4 things to see: Earth Day

How artists have used their practice to document climate change and reflect on our relationship to our planet

21 Apr 2023