‘My art’s got to be a carnival, I’m there with you’ – an interview with Alvaro Barrington

Ahead of his Tate Britain commission, the artist tells Apollo about being inspired by Tupac and Cy Twombly and wanting to involve communities in everything he makes

24 May 2024

The revolutionary textiles of Britta Marakatt-Labba

The influential Sami artist talks to Apollo about how she has always woven politics and protest into her work

23 May 2024

In the studio with… Joan Semmel

The New York native keeps up with current affairs, listens to Radio Garden and works every day – that is, when she’s not entertaining Leonardo DiCaprio

21 May 2024

Transforming the National Gallery, one painting at a time

The museum’s head of framing, Peter Schade, is quietly changing how we see some of the world’s most famous pictures

14 May 2024

In the studio with… Erwin Wurm

The artist finds solace in Annie Ernaux and a booming Tibetan sound bowl while working on his playful sculptures in the Austrian countryside

9 May 2024

In the studio with… Matthew Krishanu

The artist takes inspiration from Billie Holiday, El Greco and a pair of old Indian puppets when painting large-scale canvases in his East London studio

30 Apr 2024

Space explorer – an interview with Kapwani Kiwanga

Despite the painstaking research that underpins the artist’s work, there’s nothing dry about its outcomes – as visitors to the Canadian Pavilion in Venice will discover

17 Apr 2024

How Adriano Pedrosa is opening up the Venice Biennale

The director of the 2024 Biennale talks to Apollo about the challenges the event faces and why he is sanguine about the changing political tides

15 Apr 2024

In the studio with… Ibrahim Mahama

When he’s not using stadiums to realise his visions, the artist welcomes all manner of visitors, from school kids to tuk-tuk drivers, in his studio-cum-gallery in northern Ghana

11 Apr 2024

A gallerist with an eye for art and the desire to make a scene

Betty Sims-Hilditch explains how a background in set design and a commitment to emerging artists inform her new roaming gallery project, Artground

4 Apr 2024

In the studio with… Tammy Nguyen

The American artist and academic gets up at 5.30am and finds inspiration in moths, dinosaurs and Dante when working in her barn in Connecticut

2 Apr 2024

In the studio with… Leilah Babirye

The Ugandan-born artist treats her sculpture studio as a strict place of work – except for the occasional glass of Japanese whisky

19 Mar 2024

In the studio with… Woody De Othello

The San Franciscan painter and ceramicist uses jazz, podcasts and Bay Area nature to help him create fantastical anthropomorphic works out of clay

7 Mar 2024

Sensory overload – an interview with Laure Prouvost

Behind the artist’s enjoyably exuberant artworks is a serious concern with rewiring language and remaking bodies

26 Feb 2024

In the studio with… Outi Pieski

The artist works from her home in the wilds of northern Finland, where she sews textile pieces beside a wood-burning stove to the sound of Sami radio

23 Feb 2024

In the studio with… Manuel Mathieu

The Haitian-Canadian artist surrounds himself with unlikely objects to spark his imagination, books about drawing, and about 25 different types of tea

16 Feb 2024

Gesture politics – an interview with Julie Mehretu

The artist layers a multitude of marks to create palimpsestic paintings and prints, but the results are far from purely abstract

15 Feb 2024

In the studio with… Zanele Muholi

The South African photographer believes that an artist’s studio can be a hotel room, a playground, a kitchen, a toilet – or even a crime scene

6 Feb 2024

A collector with a nose for fine wine and fine art

Henning Hoesch is a winemaker with a habit of making distinctions that extends to his collection of Old Master drawings

5 Jan 2024

Exposing the colonial past – an interview with Sammy Baloji

Taking photographs as a starting point, the artist unearths the hidden connections between European colonialism and modern-day Africa

2 Jan 2024

In the studio with… Agnieszka Pilat

The Polish artist who works with Elon Musk and takes her robot for walks believes in technology, but has other idols too

8 Dec 2023

‘I needed a porcelain life’ – Christine Coulson treats a person like a work of art

One Woman Show is a novel about a socialite’s progress through the 20th century, told in the style of wall labels you might find at the Met

24 Nov 2023

The cover stories of Andrew Cranston

The artist’s playful and delicate works, often painted on book jackets, conceal a serious interest in animals, absurdity and art history

24 Nov 2023

Joe Tilson (1928–2023)

In 2018, the British artist looked back with Martin Gayford on Pop art, politics and leaving London for a life in the country

13 Nov 2023