Edward Behrens is editor of Apollo.

Why London’s auction houses are feeling so flat

With cancelled sales and market uncertainty, Christie’s and Sotheby’s have been taking hammer blows in recent months – but it’s not just a London problem

7 Jun 2024

Should permanent collections tell up-to-the-minute stories?

Museums often have a responsibility to reflect major events, but should be careful not to disregard seemingly smaller stories

3 Jun 2024

For the Loewe Foundation, there is no higher art than craft

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell whether the finalists of the annual Craft Prize are artisans aspiring to art, or artists getting crafty

15 May 2024

Has arts punditry become a perk for politicos?

It seems as if arts criticism is becoming a treat for political journalists – but perhaps the job should be treated a little more seriously

1 May 2024

Must-see pavilions at the Venice Biennale 2024

From the recent history of Timor-Leste to world-building in Bulgaria, this year’s shows present a rich and varied cross-section of contemporary art from around the world

19 Apr 2024

Space explorer – an interview with Kapwani Kiwanga

Despite the painstaking research that underpins the artist’s work, there’s nothing dry about its outcomes – as visitors to the Canadian Pavilion in Venice will discover

17 Apr 2024

Lynda Benglis’s wearable sculptures are a perfect fit

There’s a thin but fluid line between fine art and fashion for the artist who is now making accessories for Loewe

5 Mar 2024

What use are the arts?

The notion that art should serve a personal or social good is more prevalent than ever – but is usefulness really the point of creativity?

26 Feb 2024

Caravaggio goes digital in Milan

A flawless digital copy of the artist’s Basket of Fruit raises the tricky question of how much authenticity should matter to museums

20 Feb 2024

Gesture politics – an interview with Julie Mehretu

The artist layers a multitude of marks to create palimpsestic paintings and prints, but the results are far from purely abstract

15 Feb 2024

Old Masters prove lacklustre at auction – but a late medieval painter is golden

A newly attributed Rembrandt failed to hit the heights at Sotheby’s, but Pietro Lorenzetti pushed up the bidding in Paris

21 Dec 2023

Have single-owner sales had their day?

Mediocre results for the November auctions in New York suggest that the auction-houses have put too many eggs in the same kind of basket

1 Dec 2023

The cover stories of Andrew Cranston

The artist’s playful and delicate works, often painted on book jackets, conceal a serious interest in animals, absurdity and art history

24 Nov 2023

True art is nothing to be embarrassed about

There’s more to art than subject matter – and it’s almost impossible to find anything shameful about a style

24 Oct 2023

Are auction houses starting to run out of steam?

Disappointing results for a series of sales in London suggest the market may not be as healthy as Frieze made it seem

19 Oct 2023

Frieze week highlights: fast fashion and Georgian light displays

Shopping bag installations by the Swiss artist Sylvie Fleury and an illuminated display at the Soane Museum are among the shows not to miss this year

9 Oct 2023

The true heirs to the Rothschild taste are actually in New York

Objects belonging to the French branch of the family are being sold by Christie’s this month – and they’re likely to wow US collectors

29 Sep 2023

Barn stormer – Sarah Lucas talks shock tactics and country living

Ahead of a retrospective at Tate Britain, the artist tells Apollo that swapping the city for rural Suffolk has led her to more primordial themes

25 Sep 2023
Freddie Mercury at the Queen in Concert Magic Tour at Wembley Stadium, London, in 1986. © Richard Young (www.richardyounggallery.co.uk)

The Freddie Mercury sale is a show that could go on and on

Smashing expectations, the hype-powered auction introduced a new and particularly well-oiled model of the big houses’ marketing machine

8 Sep 2023

Who do museums want to appeal to?

When institutions try to offer something to everyone do they risk spreading themselves too thin?

30 Aug 2023

Dessert trolleys are on the move again, with delightful results

An old-fashioned way of bringing in cakes and custards is beginning to feel rather modern again

29 Aug 2023

Can London auctions give collectors what they really want?

A few excellent results can’t paper over the deeper cracks that have appeared at Christie’s and Sotheby’s this summer

12 Jul 2023

The Parrish Art Museum is courting the real Hamptons crowd

On the institution’s 125th anniversary, its director Mónica Ramírez-Montagut wants to serve a wider audience and make stronger connections with the local community

3 Jul 2023

Portraits get seriously high-profile at the London auctions this month

A record-breaking Klimt at Sotheby’s has put the marketing machine in overdrive, but quieter joys can be found elsewhere in the capital

22 Jun 2023