Edward Behrens is editor of Apollo.

The Death of Decius Mus by Peter Paul Rubens

Rubens and an outstanding display of Roman virtue

While the painter’s designs for the Decius Mus cycle were used to create several sets of tapestries, the version now in Kilkenny Castle in Ireland is in a class of its own

3 Jan 2023
Photocall for the production of A Chorus Line at the London Palladium in 2013.

Making a song and dance about musicals in the museum

A disappointingly static display at the V&A will make you long for the stage

21 Dec 2022

Reframing the Fitz – Luke Syson has big plans for the museum’s future

The director of the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, talks to Apollo about ‘bossy’ objects, slashed funding and the stories collections tell

7 Dec 2022
Fitzwilliam Museum

Arts Council England has made a serious mistake – and its effects will be felt nationwide

The Arts Council’s decision to move money out of London ignores the fact that arts institutions rely upon each other to nurture talent

2 Dec 2022

Inside track – the artists who really know how to portray their subjects

The curator Andrew Bonacina explains why Gwen John’s obsessive approach to portraiture became the starting point for a group show at Michael Werner gallery in London

22 Nov 2022
Laura Paulson

‘Rainmaker’ art advisor Laura Paulson on how collecting has changed

Increased wealth, social media and a global art market have affected how people buy art, says the chief operating officer of Gagosian Art Advisory

24 Oct 2022
Amy Sherald

Frieze week highlights: Amy Sherald and Craig Murray-Orr

Amy Sherald’s striking portraits and Craig Murray-Orr’s postcard-sized paintings are among the highlights to see this year

8 Oct 2022
Frieze Seoul

Was Frieze Seoul worth the hype?

The art fair’s first edition in the South Korean capital raises interesting questions for international dealers

3 Sep 2022
Jil Sander garden

Refashioning the garden – an interview with Jil Sander

Jil Sander is renowned for her minimalist approach to fashion design. And yet the gardens at her country home tells the tale of a more maximalist aesthetic

30 Aug 2022
Pope's Villa

Will Alexander Pope’s underground grotto finally come to light?

The poet’s bejewelled lair on the banks of the Thames was his pride and joy – and its restoration shines new light into the shadowy depths of his mind

26 Aug 2022

Home comforts – in the kitchen with Jeremy Lee

As the acclaimed Scottish chef prepares to publish his first cookbook, he tells Apollo why the secret to good food is simply a table laden with good things

19 Aug 2022

‘A curatorial masterclass’ – the 59th Venice Biennale, reviewed

Cecilia Alemani’s focus on women artists goes beyond tokenism to present a strong statement about both contemporary art and the world we live in

29 Apr 2022

The must-see pavilions at the Venice Biennale

From Simone Leigh’s monumental sculptures to Zineb Sedira’s inventive sets, this year’s Venice Biennale presents a rich and varied portrait of contemporary art across the globe

21 Apr 2022
Simone Rocha

Dressing the artist — an interview with Simone Rocha

The fashion designer has often looked to the art world for inspiration, but dressing the artist Simone Leigh for the Venice Biennale required an entirely new approach

19 Apr 2022
Einder (Horizon) Marlene Dumas

Full frontal flatness – Marlene Dumas in Venice, reviewed

The South African artist’s exposing paintings are not merely portraits of bare flesh – they are revelations of humanity’s darker, more painful depths

1 Apr 2022