For the Loewe Foundation, there is no higher art than craft

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell whether the finalists of the annual Craft Prize are artisans aspiring to art, or artists getting crafty

15 May 2024

The ancient role models that inspired women after the French Revolution

In the late 1790s, modern women looking for new forms of freedom were often inspired by distant and mythical histories

14 May 2024

A tale of two British artists turns out to be a real whodunit

Why did Dorothy Hepworth allow her lover Patricia Preece to take the credit for her paintings? An intriguing exhibition at Charleston provides some clues

13 May 2024

There’s more to Japan’s Arts and Crafts movement than meets the eye

In its telling of the story of the Mingei movement, the William Morris Gallery takes a refreshingly international approach

13 May 2024

Crossed wires: the strange music of Tarek Atoui

At his best, the Beirut-born artist offers gallery-goers weird and wonderful new ways of experiencing sound

7 May 2024

The photographs worth a thousand words, even if those words are by Annie Ernaux

Juxtaposing the Nobel Prize-winner’s writing with images of daily life shows that images can be read as well as looked at

2 May 2024

Court in the middle – the arts in France under Charles VII

In the first half of the 15th century, artists drew on the Northern and Italian Renaissances to create a distinctly French cultural flowering

1 May 2024

The artists who were obsessed with West Sussex

Blake, Constable and Ivo Hitchens all feature in Alexandra Harris’s account of a place she knows well, but it’s the more obscure figures who really shine

1 May 2024

Enter the void with Pierre Huyghe

An exhibition in Venice of the French artist’s work is conceptually dense, but does it work in visual terms?

1 May 2024

Getting back to basics with Enzo Mari

The Italian designer’s pared-back approach to craftsmanship always prized the practical over the pretty

29 Apr 2024

Georg Baselitz turns the world on its head

As the painter becomes older, the topsy-turvy figures that populate his invigorating canvases are becoming more skeletal

26 Apr 2024

The real deal – Jacques Lacan and the art of psychoanalysis

Part biographical survey, part crash-course in Lacanian thought, an exhibition about the psychoanalyst’s links to art could do with a sharper focus

25 Apr 2024

The radical experiments of Yoko Ono

The artist’s vast body of work is full of daring conceits and tantalising contradictions

23 Apr 2024

Does this year’s Venice Biennale live up to the hype?

There are delightful discoveries to be made at this year’s event, but sometimes the central exhibition fizzles where it should spark

22 Apr 2024

‘The work of a lifetime’ – Interwar by Gavin Stamp, reviewed

The writer’s survey of interwar architecture is a monumental achievement that reminds us that modernism was only part of the 20th-century story

22 Apr 2024

Jef Verheyen’s brush with the infinite

An exhibition in Antwerp celebrates the Belgian painter’s cosmic canvases – but it’s the 15th-century artworks hanging nearby that really put his achievements into perspective

18 Apr 2024

The unstable bodies of Gabriella Boyd

For the Scottish painter, the line between figures and their surroundings can be intriguingly blurry

10 Apr 2024

The Royal Academy reframes its past

The institution’s unravelling of its involvement with empire is very welcome, but has ‘Entangled Pasts’ bitten off more than one exhibition can chew?

8 Apr 2024

The dreamlike visions of Julia Margaret Cameron and Francesca Woodman

Despite being separated by more than a century, the two photographers shared a distinctly hazy aesthetic

5 Apr 2024
American People Series #18: The Flag is Bleeding

Faith Ringgold debunks the myth of the American dream

Faith Ringgold has died at the age of 93. In 2022, Nicole Rudick reviewed her New Museum retrospective, admiring the artist’s lifelong search for better stories to tell about the United States

5 Apr 2024

How Stanley Kubrick did it his way

A new life of the auteur lays bare the obsessiveness behind his films and what it cost everyone around him

4 Apr 2024

The problem with Paul Gauguin

There’s no doubt that the painter was an important and intriguing artist, but that doesn’t excuse his behaviour

2 Apr 2024

The restless spirit of Sonia Delaunay

The artist’s irrepressible energy shines out in this survey of her long career at Bard Graduate Center, writes Eve M. Kahn

31 Mar 2024

The beautiful but deadly world of Edward Burtynsky

In documenting the damage humans have done to the planet, the photographer has created a disturbingly thrilling record of environmental disaster

28 Mar 2024