The Neue Nationalgalerie’s restoration is so subtle you might not notice – and that’s a good thing

David Chipperfield’s cool, if costly, renovation plays to the gallery’s minimalist strengths

24 Aug 2021
Mamma Andersson photographed in her studio in Stockholm in 2014.

Surface tension – an interview with Mamma Andersson

They may look like tranquil scenes, but stick with Andersson’s paintings and their sense of encroaching menace is bound to creep up on you

15 Aug 2021
Untitled (lockdown portrait) (detail; 2020), Gillian Wearing.

Behind the mask? An interview with Gillian Wearing

Gillian Wearing is in an unusually candid mode in her lockdown paintings, writes Martin Herbert – if you take them at face value, that is

6 Mar 2021
Hochwasser (2006), Norbert Schwontkowski.

Feast of burden – the uneasy paintings of Norbert Schwontkowski

The artist’s murkily atmospheric works convey a deep sense of anxiety with a wry touch

14 Jan 2020

Agnes Martin and the power of tranquility

Agnes Martin’s serene paintings give pause for thought

23 Sep 2015