When French theory shaped highminded buildings

Deconstructivism wasn’t exactly a movement, but its practitioners – from Frank Gehry to Bernard Tschumi – certainly caused a great stir

29 Aug 2023
Amos Rex museum Helsinki

Can Helsinki’s modern architecture grow old gracefully?

Finland’s questing version of modernism, as championed by Alvar Aalto, went hand in hand with the development of social democracy

25 Aug 2023

Genteel flats for genteel people

The mansion block has often reconciled Londoners who can’t afford actual mansions to the realities of apartment-living

11 Aug 2023

The historic naval church that is in shipshape condition again

The former Dockyard Church in Sheerness has been sensitively restored and converted into a community hub

4 Aug 2023

The true test of a building is the passing of time

At RIBA a film by Jim Stephenson shows that architecture can have a long and unpredictable afterlife

30 Jun 2023

The saving of St Mary-le-Strand

Pedestrianisation means that one of London’s finest churches is now the centre of attention again

27 Apr 2023

Is the grand museum entrance now on its way out?

In the pursuit of greater accessibility, institutions are making themselves oddly unapproachable

23 Feb 2023

First-class results in Cambridge

A new library at Magdalene College and a dining hall at Homerton make the most of modern craftsmanship

30 Jan 2023

The Edwardian architects who built the British Empire

When it came to projecting British power abroad, Christopher Wren proved a handy source of inspiration in the creation of an ‘English Renaissance’ style

In post-war Paris, housing could be really radical

The French architect Renée Gailhoustet designed some of the most ingenious post-war schemes built in Paris – and still lives in one of them today

24 Oct 2022
Goetheanum Rudolf Steiner

The other-worldly architecture of Rudolf Steiner

The mystically inspired polymath was never a professional architect, but his haunting buildings are among modernism’s most curious structures

26 Sep 2022
Inside Banqueting House, London, with a view of the series of canvases painted by Rubens in 1635.

‘Nothing like this had been seen in England’ – on Banqueting House at 400

Banqueting House is one of the most extraordinary buildings in London – and it’s a huge shame it’s so inaccessible

30 Aug 2022
Napoleon visiting the stairs of the Louvre, guided by the architects Percier and Fontaine

What did Napoleon really want from his architects?

The emperor of France longed to rival the emperors of ancient Rome, reorganising the great cities of Europe and creating a few of his own

26 Jun 2021
Requiem for a dream: a shuttered Debenhams on Oxford Street, March 2021.

Shutting up shop: an elegy for the department store dream

These vast, bustling buildings were once emblems of city life – but they’ve been in decline for years and the pandemic has only hastened their demise

29 Mar 2021
National Assembly Building of Bangladesh, Dhaka (1962–83), designed by Louis Kahn (1901–74).

Keep cool: the concrete castles of Louis Kahn

The architect wreathed his buildings in mystical language – but his modern citadels are clearly among the great achievements of 20th-century architecture

An architectural frieze is the icing on the cake, for a building

They’re the classic way to embellish a building – and for all their suspicion of ornament, even modern architects went in for them

22 Feb 2021

The school that gave us starchitecture

The Architectural Association in London has always been a quirky place, writes Douglas Murphy, but its pupils still go on to dominate the profession

18 Feb 2021
The old Royal High School, Edinburgh.

From the Apollo archives – Gavin Stamp on the sorry saga of Edinburgh’s Royal High School

As the future of one of Edinburgh’s greatest buildings hangs in the balance, we republish Gavin Stamp’s call from 2015 to preserve its architectural integrity

11 Feb 2021
Replica of the Barcelona Pavilion designed by Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe and Lilly Reich for the International Exposition of 1929 and rebuilt in 1983.

Making an appearance – architectural copies and cover versions

Replicas and reconstructions are often regarded as inauthentic, but what does authenticity mean in the case of a building?

1 Dec 2020
The refurbished exterior of Buxton Crescent, Derbyshire, designed by John Carr of York and built in the 1780s.

From Buxton to the Barbican – the enduring appeal of the crescent

Whether for grand prospects or compact residential buildings, it seems as though architects never tire of the crescent form

5 Nov 2020
The Humboldt Forum in the centre of Berlin, due to open in December 2020.

Why are Berlin’s new buildings so intent on looking backwards?

The reconstruction of the Berlin Palace is just one example of the city’s nostalgia for the past

20 Oct 2020
The lower precinct, Coventry, built by the city’s Architect’s Department in 1957–60 and connecting to the upper precinct and the cathedral beyond (photographed in 1960).

In defence of Coventry’s post-war architecture

Why is the city so determined to destroy one of the best civic centres of the post-war period?

21 Sep 2020
Photo: Longs Peak/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Redeeming features – how Palladio marked the end of the plague in Venice

Built to give thanks for Venice’s deliverance from the plague, the church of Il Redentore remains the centre of an annual festival marking the event

13 Jul 2020
New Baris, a village in Egypt designed by Hassan Fathy (1900–89) and partly built in 1965–67.

Down to earth – the revival of building with mud

The Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy breathed new life into this ancient material in the 1940s – and it’s time it made another comeback

8 Jul 2020