The west steeple of the Parish Church of St Mary in Frampton, Lincolnshire, was finished with one of the country’s earliest stone broach spires by c. 1300.

What can be done to save England’s neglected parish churches?

The Church of England may be one of the UK’s biggest landowners, but surprisingly little of its wealth is spent on the historic buildings in its care

The west side of Henbury Hall in Cheshire, designed by Julian Bicknell and built in 1986–87.

When Palladio came to Cheshire – in the 1980s

Henbury Hall is a fine example of neo-Palladian architecture. But what does it mean to recreate a historical style?

Leadenhall Market in the City of London, designed by Horace Jones (1819–87) and opened in 1881 (photo: 2011).

Going concerns? The Victorian market halls of Horace Jones

Once feted for infrastructure projects in London, the architect is now better known for designing Tower Bridge and Leadenhall and Smithfield markets

27 Nov 2019
The Fiat Tagliero service station in Asmara, designed by Giuseppe Pettazzi and completed in 1938.

From cinemas to service stations – the modernist marvels of Eritrea

The buildings erected in Asmara during Italian rule are remarkably forward-looking – and should not be allowed to crumble

19 Nov 2019
View of the ornamental canal in the grounds of Kearsney Court in Kent, designed in 1901 by Thomas Mawson.

‘Thomas Mawson’s designs are never nostalgic’

The civic-mindedness of the visionary landscape designer and architect set him apart from his contemporaries

18 Jul 2019
Drawing of a display case, c. 1940, Lina Bo Bardi. IBCV Archives.

The variety, delicacy and wit of Lina Bo Bardi

In her drawings as in her architecture, the Italian-born Brazilian modernist was ‘radical and magical’

6 Jul 2019
Toledo metro station in Naples, designed by Oscar Tusquets Blanca.

Travelling in style on the Naples metro

William Kentridge and Sol LeWitt are among the artists making the transport system a destination in its own right

13 Jun 2019
Stained-glass skylight and mirror at the top of the Maison & Atelier Horta.

At home with Victor Horta, the master of art nouveau

The designer’s former family home-cum-studio in Brussels is a landmark of early 20th-century architecture

8 Jun 2019
Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale (detail; 1903–05), C.E. Kempe & Co.

Charles Eamer Kempe – the stained-glass designer who kitted out England’s churches

His opulent style is a staple of Victorian churches and cathedrals – but it should be seen in a wider European context

30 Apr 2019
The museum of Het Schip ('The Ship') in Amsterdam, designed by Michel de Klerk and built in 1917–20.

Schip shape – the infectiously bizarre style of the Amsterdam School

Het Schip and other buildings of this early 20th-century movement are both hyper-modern and curiously medieval

6 Apr 2019
The mosque of Ahmad ibn Tulun, Cairo, built in the 9th century.

This majestic mosque stands out in the city of a thousand minarets

The ancient mosque of Ahmad ibn Tulun deserves to be much better known

19 Feb 2019
The central space of La Piscine - musée d'art et d'industrie André Diligent, Roubaix, housed in the pool complex designed by Albert Baert and completed in 1932.

The most beautiful swimming pool in France

An abandoned art deco swimming pool is now a museum of art and industry

5 Feb 2019
The ‘theatre’ building in the Espaces d’Abraxas complex in Marne-la-Vallée, near Paris, designed by Ricardo Bofill and constructed in 1978–83.

The good, the bad and the ugly – neoclassical architecture in modern times

It was the favoured architectural style of Stalin and the Nazis. What forms does classical revivalism take today?

2 Jan 2019
Cross section by Norman Foster of the Fred Olsen Amenity Building, Millwall Docks, London (c. 1968–70).

‘The buildings come into their own when imagined in drawings’

The ‘High Tech’ architecture developed by Norman Foster and his peers in the late 1960s relied on great draughtsmanship

20 Dec 2018
The riverside façade of the Royal Festival Hall, London, designed by London County Council Architects’ Department in 1951 (photo: 1951)

‘The Southbank Centre suffers from architectural self-loathing’

Plans for a rooftop bar at the Royal Festival Hall have thankfully been scrapped, but questions remain over the stewardship of the Southbank centre

7 Nov 2018
in the 1980s after its partial collapse in 1970 (photo: 2017)

The novelty and nostalgia of the Victorian seaside pier

The great iron structures of 19th-century Britain are important parts of the island’s cultural memory

23 Oct 2018
Robert Venturi in Las Vegas in 1968.

Remembering Robert Venturi – reluctant pioneer of postmodernism

The American architect, whose career spanned seven decades, has died at the age of 93

9 Oct 2018
Betteshanger (now Northbourne Park School), Kent, remodelled by George Devey from 1856.

The eclectic country houses of George Devey

The Victorian architect fused styles past and present, inventing fictive histories for his buildings

6 Aug 2018
A Group of Churches, designed by Sir J. Soane to illustrate different Styles of Architecture Holy Trinity, Marylebone, St Peter’s, Walworth and the chapel at Tyringham, Buckinghamshire) (detail; c. 1825), Joseph Michael Gandy.

How the church-building boom of the 19th century began

Two hundred years ago, the English parliament passed the Act for Building New Churches, allocating £1m for the task

14 Jul 2018
Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1893), James Craig Annan.

The genius of Charles Rennie Mackintosh

The architect and designer’s reputation stands higher than ever – but the source of his talent remains elusive

9 Jun 2018

The modern architect who gave Budapest a taste of the future

Béla Lajta was one of the most innovative architects of the early 20th century

21 May 2018
The north side of the Karunaratne House in Kandy, designed by Minnette de Silva and completed in 1950 (photo: early 1950s)

Minnette de Silva was a great architect – and her buildings should not be left to crumble

Kandy should be prouder of the pioneering architect, who instigated the idea of ‘regional modernism’

28 Mar 2018
The Temperate House at Kew Gardens, designed by Decimus Burton and Richard Turner and built between 1859 and 1898, © The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

The contradictory career of Decimus Burton

The architect was once best known for his neoclassical buildings, but his reputation now rests on the glasshouses at Kew Gardens

26 Mar 2018
Allbrook House and the library, with maisonette blocks over shops to the left. Every building in this photo is proposed for demolition, Photo: James O. Davis/Historic England

Britain’s most important 20th-century housing is under threat

The Alton Estate in London is at risk from proposals that will ruin the architecture and destroy social housing

21 Dec 2017