St Mary-at-Hill photographed on 12 May 1988, two days after a fire had destroyed most of the roof. Apollo magazine.

The unhappy fate of Christopher Wren’s city churches

They rose out of the ashes of the Great Fire of London and transformed the city, but several of Wren’s city churches have met with disaster themselves

2 Sep 2016

Move over Merrie England… Shakespeare and architecture

Taking Shakespearean architecture seriously means looking beyond ‘Olden Time’ Tudor revival buildings

20 Jul 2016

The tragedy and triumph of a British architect in New Delhi

Arthur Gordon Shoosmith showed great promise but built very little – though he did design a magnificent church in New Delhi

31 May 2016
The De La Warr Pavilion at Bexhill-on-Sea, opened in 1935 and successfully restored in 2003–05.

‘Why risk skin cancer when there’s architecture to enjoy?’

Large, long windows and a flat roof for sunbathing: is it any wonder that Britain’s early experiments with modernist architecture were by the sea?

27 Apr 2016

Jean Nouvel’s oasis of calm in São Paulo

The architect’s first project in São Paulo restores and adds to one of the city’s historical landmarks

15 Apr 2016

George Gilbert Scott – not such a ‘dead dog’ after all

John Betjeman called him ‘dull’ and William Morris dismissed his work, but Scott’s reputation is bouncing back

Zaha Hadid’s death leaves British architecture immeasurably poorer

The UK was slow to appreciate Zaha Hadid’s uncompromising attitude to architecture, but she was one of the most important British architects of the past 100 years

31 Mar 2016

‘London is lucky to have the blue plaque scheme’

In praise of an London institution that was founded 150 years ago

4 Feb 2016

Boris Johnson and the GLA are the true vandals of London

The mayor’s expansionist ambitions are ruining the city’s historic character

22 Jan 2016

Reconstructing Syria’s heritage is a hopeful but distant dream

Replicas, digital records and long-term monitoring projects are all important in the race to preserve cultural history

8 Jan 2016

Sir John Soane’s private apartments are a public treasure

The restoration at the Soane Museum is a masterpiece of forensic work

6 Jan 2016

Finally, a reminder that post-war architecture deserves our praise

Elain Harwood’s magisterial Space, Hope, and Brutalism is a triumph

22 Dec 2015

Was there no Celtic Revival to vie with the Gothic?

‘The Celtic Revival in architecture depended upon ancient shrines, castles, and vernacular buildings’

21 Dec 2015

Ruins and reconstruction at the Neues Museum

The building is simultaneously remnant and monument, a showcase for historical artefacts which itself embodies Europe’s disastrous history

30 Nov 2015

‘Without a palace of glass, life is a burdensome task.’ Paul Scheerbart’s utopian fantasies

‘Glass! Love!! Perpetual Motion!!! A Paul Scheerbart Reader’ reviewed

28 Nov 2015

Creating a new architecture: Ödön Lechner in Hungary

Almost every great city seems to have produced one or perhaps two architects who escape the constraints of history: in Budapest it was Lechner

13 Nov 2015

St Peter’s Seminary in Cardross – better off ruined?

‘This undoubted failure has become a compelling monument’

10 Oct 2015

The 10 Most Endangered Buildings in the UK

The Victorian Society has released a list of historic buildings that are most in need of our help this year

17 Sep 2015

Robin Hood Gardens and the politics of regeneration

Debates about the estate’s future tend to ignore the residents

11 Aug 2015

London can’t make up its mind about its Brutalist past

The city’s post-war concrete blocks have always divided opinion. But is the new stuff any better?

7 Aug 2015

The lamentable loss of Britain’s pubs

There is no resisting fashion when it comes to places in which to drink

23 Jul 2015

Letter from Calcutta

Industry never came, but houses and neighbourhoods were destroyed

29 Jun 2015

Winning Guggenheim Helsinki design revealed

The jury praised the winning proposal as ‘deeply respectful of the site’. Do you agree?

23 Jun 2015