Otto Saumarez Smith is an architectural historian and Shuffrey Junior Research Fellow at Lincoln College, Oxford.

The Island of Love and Fisherman’s Rest, Lequeu

Painstakingly perfect and utterly peculiar – the drawings of Jean-Jacques Lequeu

The French draughtsman’s fantasies seem as bizarre today as they did 200 years ago

18 Feb 2019

Cedric Price’s mission to make architecture amusing

Cedric Price believed that architecture should be mobile, lightweight, and temporary. Above all, he thought it should be fun

17 May 2017
Wittgenstein in New York, (detail; from the As is When portfolio) (1965), Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, ,

More can be less when it comes to Eduardo Paolozzi

Paolozzi’s 1950s work is astonishing, but a full retrospective draws too much attention to his duller later work

4 May 2017

Finally, a reminder that post-war architecture deserves our praise

Elain Harwood’s magisterial Space, Hope, and Brutalism is a triumph

22 Dec 2015

John Aubrey on architecture: centuries old and more relevant than ever

17th-century writing on ancient buildings never felt so contemporary

28 May 2015

Review: ‘Louis Kahn: The Power of Architecture’ at the Design Museum

Kahn’s designs have a sense of grandeur unmatched by most modernist buildings

18 Jul 2014