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The answers to many frequently asked questions relating to subscriptions can be found here.

  1. I’ve forgotten my password, how do I reset?
  2. I’m having difficulties with my web account / problems reading content
  3. How do I find my WEB ID or Subscription Number?
  4. How do I access Apollo online?
  5. How do I access Apollo on my iPad or iPhone?
  6. How do I contact Customer Services?
  7. I’m having a problem with delivery, who do I contact?
  8. How do I manage my email preferences?
  9. Can I temporarily suspend my subscription?
  10. If I cancel my subscription, will I get a refund?
  11. Is it safe to subscribe online?
  12. How do I make a query about my subscription?
  13. How do I contact the magazine?


1. I’ve forgotten my password, how do I reset?

Click on the ‘I forgot my password’ link on the log-in form and follow the on-screen instructions

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2. I’m having difficulties with my web account / problems reading content

If you have successfully registered a web account using an email address and password of your choosing and are still having difficulties please try logging out of your account, clearing your browsers cache and logging back in.

Click here to find out how to clear your browser’s cache.

If this doesn’t resolve your issue, please contact our digital team via email at subscriptions@the.apollomag.com detailing the problem and we will investigate and resolve this as soon as possible.

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3. Your WEB ID and Subscription Number

Your Subscription Number and WEB ID are printed on the slip of white paper that comes with your printed issue every month.

You will need your Subscription Number to gain free access to the Apollo app and the online archive of back issues.

If you can’t find your subscription number or WEB ID, contact customer services by email at subscriptions@the.apollomag.com or call +44 (0)1858 438 414 (UK & RoW) | 1-800-567-5835 (USA)

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4. How to access Apollo online

1. Visit our Digital Subscription page
2. Enter your subscription reference number, email address and choose a password
3. Enjoy reading the digital edition

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5. How to access Apollo on your iPad and iPhone

In order to gain app access you will need your Exact Editions email address and password

1. Visit the App Store from your mobile device and download the Apollo app
2. When in the app, scroll through the first seven pages of the magazine and you will be presented with a screen offering you a subscription. You will now have the opportunity to log in with your Exact Editions username and password
3. For the best reading experience please ensure your device has a Wi-Fi connection. Please note that a Wi-Fi connection is required to sync the latest issue to your device
4. When a new issue is available, the Apollo app will automatically sync the latest issue to your device. Once the sync is complete it will be available for offline reading

For further enquires please contact Exact Editions at support@exacteditions.com or call +44 (0)20 7837 4801

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6. Customer Services Helpline

Email: subscriptions@the.apollomag.com

Phone: +44 (0)1858 438 414 (UK & RoW)

Please remember to quote your subscription number in any correspondence so we can find your details quickly.

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7. Delivery Problems

If you experience any problems with the delivery of your magazine, please contact customer services by email at subscriptions@the.apollomag.com or call +44 (0)1858 438 414 (UK & RoW) | 1-800-567-5835 (USA)

If your copy arrives damaged, we will replace it. If your copy does not arrive, we will replace it and/or credit the missing issue to your subscription.

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8. Mailing Lists

Apollo occasionally makes its list of subscriber names and addresses available to carefully screened charities, companies and associations that we think you would have an interest in. If you would prefer not to receive such mail, please contact customer services at subscriptions@the.apollomag.com. If you ticked the opt-out data protection boxes when you first placed your subscription order your name will not be passed onto any other companies.

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9. Suspending – Holidays

You can suspend your subscription if you are away from home, and have it restarted when you return. Please contact customer services at least three weeks in advance, and let them know the dates between which you do not wish to receive the magazine. When you return, we’ll arrange for your subscription to restart.

And, if you have an iPad or iPhone, remember that you can always read the magazine using the Exact Editions Apollo app.

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10. Refunds

Please note, any subscription cancellations will take effect at the end of the current term, a refund will not be given for any undelivered issues.

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11. Payment Security

All payments for subscription orders are taken securely. Please email subscriptions@the.apollomag.com if you have any questions relating to payment security.

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Contact Us

12. Subscription Orders and Queries

Apollo Subscriptions Department, Rockwood House, Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 3DH

Email: subscriptions@the.apollomag.com

Phone: +44 (0)1858 438 414 (UK & RoW) 1-800-567-5835 (USA)

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13. Contact the Editor

Any comments about the magazine? Email: editor@apollomag.com

Write to us at Apollo Magazine, 22 Old Queen Street, London SW1H 9HP

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