Zachary Ginsberg is a writer and artist based in New York City.

The last bohemians living in New York

The ‘Loft Law’ of 1982 protected artists living in industrial zones from rising rents and eviction. Joshua Charow’s photographs record the members of an endangered tribe

4 Jul 2024

The repeat performances of Robert Ryman

The artist painted countless variations of a white square, but repetitive strain was never really an issue

8 Dec 2023

What’s the point of studying fine art?

Enrolment in the humanities is tumbling across the United States, but the numbers for fine art are still holding up

21 Apr 2023
Museum of Fine Arts Boston protests

Are artists who work at museums too easy to exploit as workers?

The desirability of getting a day job in a museum can make it easy for prestigious institutions to take advantage of the artists who work in them

13 Feb 2023