‘Without a palace of glass, life is a burdensome task.’ Paul Scheerbart’s utopian fantasies

‘Glass! Love!! Perpetual Motion!!! A Paul Scheerbart Reader’ reviewed

28 Nov 2015

Creating a new architecture: Ödön Lechner in Hungary

Almost every great city seems to have produced one or perhaps two architects who escape the constraints of history: in Budapest it was Lechner

13 Nov 2015

St Peter’s Seminary in Cardross – better off ruined?

‘This undoubted failure has become a compelling monument’

10 Oct 2015

The 10 Most Endangered Buildings in the UK

The Victorian Society has released a list of historic buildings that are most in need of our help this year

17 Sep 2015

Robin Hood Gardens and the politics of regeneration

Debates about the estate’s future tend to ignore the residents

11 Aug 2015

London can’t make up its mind about its Brutalist past

The city’s post-war concrete blocks have always divided opinion. But is the new stuff any better?

7 Aug 2015

The lamentable loss of Britain’s pubs

There is no resisting fashion when it comes to places in which to drink

23 Jul 2015

Letter from Calcutta

Industry never came, but houses and neighbourhoods were destroyed

29 Jun 2015

Winning Guggenheim Helsinki design revealed

The jury praised the winning proposal as ‘deeply respectful of the site’. Do you agree?

23 Jun 2015

Charles Correa: 1930–2015

His idealism and sense of public service made him an unusual figure

22 Jun 2015

The long wait for Britain’s Waterloo memorial

It’s taken 200 years for Britain to commemorate the dead

11 Jun 2015

John Aubrey on architecture: centuries old and more relevant than ever

17th-century writing on ancient buildings never felt so contemporary

28 May 2015

Assemble: could 18 young architects take home the Turner Prize?

To be honest, the art world bats barely an eyelash at this ‘new’ development

13 May 2015

How extensive is the cultural damage in Nepal?

Unesco World Heritage sites are severely damaged, but reconstruction might be an option

30 Apr 2015

Forum: Does the restoration of Chartres Cathedral deserve praise?

Is the restoration of Chartres Cathedral a tragedy, or a worthy improvement?

27 Apr 2015

‘The Next Helsinki’ and the Guggenheim Helsinki are as bad as each other

Should the city even close a few museums instead of designing more?

21 Apr 2015
Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Bernini in Paris: Architecture at a Crossroad

In 1665 Louis XIV asked Bernini to design a new façade for the Louvre. What would it have meant for Paris if the Sun King had commissioned him?

13 Apr 2015

Art and/or Architecture in Somerset

Can you live in a sculpture? Is good architecture art? Who cares? And which exhibit stands out at Hauser & Wirth’s Architecture Season?

8 Apr 2015

Fun and Games: 15th annual Serpentine Pavilion revealed

The Serpentine unveils plans for its summer pavilion

25 Mar 2015

Gallery: Shigeru Ban designs the Aspen Art Museum

How does the new building compare to the architect’s previous projects?

8 Aug 2014