Crystal Bennes is a writer and artist based in London and Helsinki

What’s in store at the National Portrait Gallery?

A tour of some of the highlights of the NPG’s hidden collection

23 Nov 2016

What’s in store at the Ateneum Art Museum?

The Ateneum holds the Finnish national art collection from the mid 18th century to 1960, but only a sixth of its works are on display.

25 Jul 2016

What’s in store at the State Hermitage Museum?

The Hermitage has more than 3 million items in its collection, so making its stores accessible is quite a feat

17 Mar 2016

What’s in store at the National Galleries of Scotland?

Thousands of artworks are hidden away in Edinburgh’s Granton Stores. We got an exclusive tour…

28 Jan 2016

Artists address the Armenian genocide at the Istanbul Biennial

Curator Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev sees art as a way of ‘shaping the souls of people’ for the better

7 Sep 2015

The Best of the Istanbul Biennial

Five highlights from Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev’s programme, which dwells on its location’s history

7 Sep 2015

Five highlights from the Edinburgh Art Festival – and two to miss

It’s a patchy programme this year, but a few projects stand out

4 Aug 2015

Public Relations: Adam Buck’s Regency portrait miniatures

The height of his popularity was also the beginning of the end

13 Jul 2015

Assemble: could 18 young architects take home the Turner Prize?

To be honest, the art world bats barely an eyelash at this ‘new’ development

13 May 2015

‘The Next Helsinki’ and the Guggenheim Helsinki are as bad as each other

Should the city even close a few museums instead of designing more?

21 Apr 2015

Looking ahead: Katie Paterson discusses her ‘Future Library’

Katie Paterson’s latest work will be one hundred years in the making

11 Oct 2014

Open the stores: conservation, collections and the museum of the future

Most museums are like icebergs, the vast bulk of their collections are hidden. Does it have to be that way?

13 Jun 2014

Homecoming: Sergio Larrain’s photographs on display in Chile

Larrain’s powerful work hasn’t been on display in his home country since the 1960s

20 May 2014

Spaced Out: why the universe outshines art

I’m genuinely not sure how much artists can bring to the table when it comes to the subject of space

5 Feb 2014

Found at the Fair

A round-up of the highlights from this year’s contemporary projects at the London Art Fair

20 Jan 2014

Broken Engagement

Installation art is assumed to be inherently more engaging than other genres – so why are visitors so often left to watch from the wings?

20 Nov 2013