Jack Orlik writes about art, design and culture from a broadly anthropological perspective. He has a particular interest in 'the digital', and the relationship between online and offline media

Art and/or Architecture in Somerset

Can you live in a sculpture? Is good architecture art? Who cares? And which exhibit stands out at Hauser & Wirth’s Architecture Season?

8 Apr 2015

Mapping the contemporary: Bloomberg New Contemporaries vs. Tomorrow: London

Last week brought two shows to London that claim to present the scope of new contemporary art being made in…

4 Dec 2014

Ancient Contemporary: Hauser & Wirth Somerset

What’s a stylish mega-gallery like Hauser & Wirth doing on an old farm in Somerset?

29 Jul 2014

Out of time: ‘Digital Revolution’ at the Barbican

How is the rapidly changing world of digital technology affecting culture?

22 Jul 2014

Deutsche Börse Prize: are photographers making the most of the medium?

Photographers should produce poetry, not satire

27 Apr 2014

Loss, theft and destruction: on the absence of art

As long as we have art, some of it will go missing. It’s how we respond to that fact that’s ultimately of importance to our culture

18 Mar 2014

Well Met

Art and archaeology aren’t neat categories at the best of times. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, they’re allowed to overlap

15 Jan 2014

Moving the Museum

The Whitney Museum of American Art is moving downtown. Apollo was granted a sneak peek at the new Renzo Piano-designed home for American art

4 Dec 2013