Owen Hatherley's most recent book, Landscapes of Communism, is published by Allen Lane.

How the Bauhaus exiles shaped a new urban landscape

The westward spread of modernist design between the wars was shaped by the migrant experience

3 Jan 2024

How to rebuild a Central European city

The reconstruction of cities devastated by the Second World War took radically different forms, depending on the circumstances

30 May 2023
The ‘theatre’ building in the Espaces d’Abraxas complex in Marne-la-Vallée, near Paris, designed by Ricardo Bofill and constructed in 1978–83.

The good, the bad and the ugly – neoclassical architecture in modern times

It was the favoured architectural style of Stalin and the Nazis. What forms does classical revivalism take today?

2 Jan 2019
The first estate of its kind in the Cheryomushki district of Moscow.

Why are there mass protests about Moscow’s mass-produced housing?

Moscow’s Khrushchev-era apartment blocks are hardly good housing, but their residents are unlikely to get a better replacement

14 Jun 2017

Rewriting the past: must Rhodes fall?

A statue of Cecil Rhodes will stand at Oriel College, Oxford, in place despite calls for its removal, but debates about ‘erasing history’ rumble on

29 Jan 2016

‘Without a palace of glass, life is a burdensome task.’ Paul Scheerbart’s utopian fantasies

‘Glass! Love!! Perpetual Motion!!! A Paul Scheerbart Reader’ reviewed

28 Nov 2015