Christopher Turner is Keeper of Art, Architecture, Photography and Design at the Victoria and Albert Museum

The doctor who was devoted to Van Gogh

The painter’s final months in the care of Dr Paul-Ferdinand Gachet, a physician as interested in art as he was in medicine, were an extraordinarily productive period

12 Jan 2024

Building Indian modernism in Ahmedabad

The Sarabhai family were great patrons of modernist architecture in the city – and Gira Sarabhai’s contribution in particular deserves to be better known

1 Jan 2024
Women modelling spectacles of unusual shapes (1925)

Ways of seeing at the Wellcome Collection

The eye may be our most perceptive organ, but it can sometimes make us blind to the other senses

28 Nov 2022
Trente-cinq têtes d’expression by Louis-Léopold Boilly

Pulling faces – the art of showing emotion

An exhibition at the Musée Marmottan Monet considers how artists have tried to represent feeling through the centuries

27 Jun 2022
The exterior of Wentworth Woodhouse in Yorkshire, designed by Henry Flitcroft

How the Versailles of Yorkshire was saved from ruin

Wentworth Woodhouse, the largest stately home in England, has at last been restored to something of its former glory

28 Apr 2022
(1942), René Magritte.

Meet Magritte – the man behind the apple

Bowler hats off to a new biography of the painter that chips away at the Belgian’s bourgeois veneer

18 Mar 2022
Dan Graham photographed by Sebastian Kim in 2017.

Dan Graham regarded himself as a rebel – and the art world could do with more of his attitude

The conceptual artist and writer wasn’t afraid to stir things up, but he was also a great spotter and supporter of other people’s talent

23 Feb 2022
Niki de Saint-Phalle taking aim at her Feu à Volonté at Galerie J in Paris, in 1961.

At the Fondazione Prada, painting refuses to play dead

Peter Fischli has curated a show about the demise of painting – but his take is that it’s still very much alive

27 Jul 2021

The eccentric English socialite who embraced Surrealism

Heir to a railway fortune and an 8,000-acre estate in West Sussex, Edward James transformed his homes into total works of art – with a little help from Dalí and friends

1 May 2021
Upside down, you’re turning me… paintings by Georg Baselitz at the Albertinum in Dresden.

What happens when you hang a painting upside down?

Georg Baselitz says it makes the viewer pay closer attention – but plenty of paintings have simply been upended due to gallerists’ gaffes

9 Feb 2021
Anatomical models of the eye and its extrinsic muscles, c. 1755–69, Anna Morandi. Museo di Palazzo Poggi, Bologna

How Bologna pioneered the art of anatomical wax modelling

Palazzo Poggi houses the extraordinary 18th-century creations of a school dedicated to wax modelling – invaluable tools for medical students at the time

9 Jan 2021
The eight ‘bionauts’ of Biosphere 2. Courtesy NEON

The space odyssey that went nowhere – ‘Spaceship Earth’, reviewed

Before ‘Big Brother’, there was Biosphere 2 – an experiment in utopian living that left its participants low on food and short of breath

20 Jul 2020
Andy Warhol’s window display for department store Bonwit Teller, New York, in 1961.

Window dressing – the art of shopfronts and gallery facades

The shop window has long been a playground for artists – and looks set to be so more than ever in the months ahead

6 Jul 2020
Installation view of the collection at Museum MORE, which deliberately avoids a chronological hang

Keeping it real – neorealism in the Netherlands

Museum MORE has done a great deal to invigorate a genre once seen as hopelessly old-fashioned

29 May 2020
Fishermen in front of Cape Coast Castle, Ghana, with a staircase on the left leading up to a ‘Door of No Return’.

‘The dungeons are decorated with wreaths left by slaves’ descendants’

Four centuries after the first English slave ship arrived in Jamestown, Virginia, the president of Ghana is urging members of the African diaspora to discover their roots

3 Dec 2019
The central space of La Piscine - musée d'art et d'industrie André Diligent, Roubaix, housed in the pool complex designed by Albert Baert and completed in 1932.

The most beautiful swimming pool in France

An abandoned art deco swimming pool is now a museum of art and industry

5 Feb 2019
Exterior of the Bauhaus school of applied at Dessau, designed by Walter Gropius in 1926, photo by General Photographic Agency/Getty Images

Rethinking the utopian vision of the Bauhaus

The Bauhaus’s radical designs were meant for the masses, but they were far from affordable

20 Jul 2018
Rasheed Araeen.

‘There is an element of optimism in my work’

Rasheed Araeen talks to Apollo about six-decades of making visually arresting and politically engaged art

27 Jan 2018
Kiran Nadar photographed in her museum

‘When I start bidding it’s very hard to stop’

Kiran Nadar on the ‘exhilaration’ of art collecting, the museum she set up in Delhi, and her commitment to showing Indian artists on the global stage

29 Mar 2017
Do Ho Suh (b. 1962), photographed at his home in New York in October 2016. Photo: Dina Kantor

For Do Ho Suh, there’s no place like home

‘I bring my home with me wherever I go’

3 Dec 2016

Peggy Guggenheim steals the show in Florence

A show about the Guggenheim’s art collections is really about the battle between Peggy and Solomon

8 Jun 2016

How do you capture a colour? Interview with Ettore Spalletti

The Italian artist discusses his distinctive palette and what he owes to Yves Klein

14 May 2016