What Renoir saw by the sea in Guernsey

Nearly a century and a half after the painter’s trip to the Channel Islands, his paintings of Guernsey can now be compared to the actual views

18 Oct 2023

Brute force – the savage post-war paintings of George Grosz

The artist’s later work is usually regarded as apolitical but, as the Stick Men paintings show, he produced some of his most savage work after the war

5 Oct 2023

This year’s Turner Prize nominees display a weariness with institutions

The shortlisted artists highlight the fragility of the existing order, with the best of them upending what we expect from a show in a gallery

3 Oct 2023

Colour saturation – how the world stopped seeing in black and white

Kirsty Sinclair Dootson shows that a history of colour processes is also a history of shifts in society

3 Oct 2023

Stitches in time – the power of Palestinian embroidery

The history of Palestinian dress is inseparable from that of the nation itself – and now the subject of an invaluable exhibition

3 Oct 2023

Local hero – Joshua Reynolds returns to Plymouth

To mark the painter’s 300th birthday, the Box in Plymouth is staging a thoughtful show that encourages us to look beyond the obvious

3 Oct 2023

Christian Marclay opens the doors of our perception

The artist’s compilation of entrances and exits in the movies takes viewers deep into a labyrinth – and leaves us to find our own way out

22 Sep 2023

Downhill all the way with Isa Genzken

In the Neue Nationalgalerie’s celebration of the sculptor’s 75th birthday, modernity is never what it used to be

19 Sep 2023

How to read books without words

Modern artists have managed to make surprisingly strong statements on blank or partially erased pages

15 Sep 2023

The avant-garde artists who went wild in Paris

Fauvism may have been a short-lived movement, but the explosively colourful compositions of Matisse, Derain and co. remain undimmed

14 Sep 2023

Nocturnal animals – a new Nordic festival journeys into the night

A former pig farm is a meeting place for artists and scientists delving into the mysteries of the dark

8 Sep 2023

Ingres and the endless quest for perfection

The painter was always reluctant to regard his paintings as finished and revisted some of his greatest compositions several times

8 Sep 2023

Beatriz Milhazes brings a touch of Brazil to Margate

The artist’s colourful paintings have transformed Turner Contemporary inside and out

31 Aug 2023

Making great panes for the Gilded Age

When it came to designing stained-glass windows, Henry Holiday was more than a match for his friend Edward Burne-Jones

30 Aug 2023

The painters who made a great play for the stage

An understanding of theatrical culture in the 18th century is vital for understanding the most important painters of the period

29 Aug 2023

The Jewish footballers who left everything out on the field

An exhibition in Vienna tackles the involvement of Jewish players in some of Europe’s oldest clubs – and how those clubs acknowledge this history

25 Aug 2023

The case for and against Werner Herzog

The Eye Filmmuseum highlights the madness of the director’s methods and how beautiful the finished films are – and leaves us to make up our own minds about it all

18 Aug 2023

How to manage a museum

A book by Daniel H. Weiss, outgoing president and CEO of the Met, offers a public-spirited view of how a changing world can benefit from the constancy of large institutions

18 Aug 2023

The gilded pages of Evelyn De Morgan

At Leighton House, intricate gold drawings by the Pre-Raphaelite artist reveal her great debt to Italian sources

17 Aug 2023

Michael Rakowitz puts down roots on Tyneside

The Iraqi-American artist has been working with migrant communities in the north-east to create a garden and greenhouse at the Baltic Centre

17 Aug 2023
Fig painting by Andrew Cranston

Full of make-believe and making do: the art of Andrew Cranston

The Scottish painter who has long treated book covers as blank canvases is now also working on a much bigger scale

17 Aug 2023

The painters who have made the most of poor visibility

As a book about mist and fog in European painting shows, artists have often taken a very hazy view of the landscape

16 Aug 2023

Weed, all about it

Todd McEwen leafs through a history of the underground pot-culture press

10 Aug 2023

The self-assured sculptures of Pomona Zipser

With deceptively rickety creations that conceal the care that went into their making, the artist wittily questions our ideas about craft

9 Aug 2023