Will this year’s Serpentine Pavilion really get people talking?

Lina Ghotmeh’s structure presents Londoners with the terrifying prospect of interacting with strangers

9 Jun 2023

Tinder for Tudors, and other Renaissance mating rituals

The Holburne Museum engages in a clever bit of matchmaking, with rarely shown paintings and all kinds of love tokens

2 Jun 2023

How the wild things are

The British Library’s audio-visual tour of the animal kingdom doubles as a weird and wonderful history of natural history

2 Jun 2023

Berthe Morisot, always in the moment

The painter went to great lengths to make her careful compositions look effortlessly spontaneous

30 May 2023

The early modern artists who tried to study abroad

Larry Silver’s history of how northern European artists depicted other cultures could have taken a broader view

30 May 2023

All change at the Venice Architecture Biennale?

With its focus on architects from Africa and its diasporas, the main exhibition curated by Lesley Lokko is a breath of fresh air

25 May 2023

Mining meaning in Middlesbrough

Locals and celebrities have banded together to offer a compelling range of perspectives on the industrial history of the Yorkshire town

23 May 2023
Joanna Piotrowska

The unheimlich manoeuvres of Joanna Pietrowska

These photographs of domestic scenes and everyday encounters are very familiar and very unsettling

9 May 2023

The coronation, reviewed

Amid all the pomp and the circumstance, the crowning of Charles III has much to tell us about the state of the nation

6 May 2023

The Gwangju Biennale charts uncertain new waters

The current edition of Asia’s oldest biennial is far from perfect, though there’s a lot of very good art here

5 May 2023

When did fashion photography stop being fun?

A trip through the Condé Nast archives now owned by François Pinault suggests that wit is no longer in vogue

5 May 2023

Frank Auerbach faces himself

At the age of 91, the artist has produced a series of remarkable self-portraits, now on show at Hazlitt Holland-Hibbert

28 Apr 2023

Sterling work – European silver at the Louvre, reviewed

A catalogue of the museum’s unrivalled collection of silver and gold is a thing of beauty

27 Apr 2023

The French archaeologist who was a force to be reckoned with

From the May 2023 issue of Apollo. Preview and subscribe here. Nestled in the wealthy 16th arrondissement of Paris, a…

27 Apr 2023

Reality check – ‘Tartan’ at the V&A Dundee, reviewed

A show about the many variations and chequered history of the fabric even lets visitors see what’s worn under the kilt

27 Apr 2023

Self awareness – Alice Neel at the Barbican, reviewed

The painter who never stopped seeing her subjects as individuals described her works as ‘pictures of people’ rather than ‘portraits’

27 Apr 2023

The magpie eye of Giovanni Bellini

The Musée Jacquemart-André shows that the painter was always open to new influences

27 Apr 2023

Beneath the surface of Photorealism

The genre has often been dismissed as a kind of copying – but at their best, these paintings make us look again at the act of looking

26 Apr 2023

Andy Warhol’s textiles are finally back in fashion

Painstaking sleuthing has tracked down the artist’s colourful commercial designs for garment manufacturers

25 Apr 2023
Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt (detail; 1876), Georges Clairin.

How Sarah Bernhardt stole the heart of Paris

Nobody embodied the glitz and glamour of the fin-de-siècle quite like ‘La Divine’, as a lavish show at the Petit Palais proves

20 Apr 2023

Family fortunes – ‘The Rossettis’, reviewed

The Tate does a decent job of bringing the Rossetti women to the fore – but it still lets Gabriel run away with the show

19 Apr 2023

How modern artists caught the doodle bug

A compelling exhibition in Paris proves that scrawling and scribbling have long been a way for artists to let go

18 Apr 2023

Dosso Dossi’s scenes from the Aeneid are a Roman triumph

Reuniting the surviving works from the painter’s ‘Frieze of Aeneas’ series allows us to imagine one of the great Renaissance ensembles more clearly

16 Apr 2023

The art of getting deep into debt

A demanding group show about the world economy could do with some more showing and less telling

7 Apr 2023