Hermione Eyre is the author of a novel about Van Dyck in England, ‘Viper Wine’ (Jonathan Cape).

Cosmetic surgery – a Stuart beauty is restored to her natural state

The retouching of Diana Cecil’s portrait has drawn comparisons with the enhancements of Kylie Jenner – but it says more about changing beauty standards

8 Dec 2023

Forgotten artist Maeve Gilmore comes into her own

Maeve Gilmore thrived on the demands of domesticity – and her family is now on a mission to make her art much better known

28 Apr 2022
Chromatic (1932) Gluck. Private collection. Photo: Bridgeman Images

The messy reality of immaculate still lives

Rebecca Birrell’s absorbing book asks us to look beneath the surface of work by women artists – but perhaps a rose sometimes really is just a rose?

5 Nov 2021