Arjun Sajip is web editor of Apollo.

The Royal Academy reframes its past

The institution’s unravelling of its involvement with empire is very welcome, but has ‘Entangled Pasts’ bitten off more than one exhibition can chew?

8 Apr 2024

Dan Flavin’s light touch

The artist bristled at attempts to analyse his work, but an exhibition at Kunstmuseum Basel suggests that his fluorescent fittings are still open to interpretation

8 Mar 2024

Reel life – how Zineb Sedira found herself through film

At the Whitechapel Gallery, the French-Algerian unspools personal and political histories through imitation sets and empty stages

23 Feb 2024

Arty films to look out for in 2024

New features by Steve McQueen, Kelly Reichardt and Joshua Oppenheimer will give art lovers plenty to get excited about

29 Dec 2023

Extended reality may still be in its infancy – but it’s certainly growing up fast

The use of virtual, augmented and mixed technology in film-making hasn’t produced a masterpiece yet, but it’s only a matter of time

27 Oct 2023