Isabella Smith is senior editor of Apollo.

Diamonds, dinosaurs and drawings – just some of the fun at London’s summer fairs

There really is something for every kind of collector at Treasure House Fair and London Art Week this summer

3 Jun 2024

The revolutionary textiles of Britta Marakatt-Labba

The influential Sami artist talks to Apollo about how she has always woven politics and protest into her work

23 May 2024

Transforming the National Gallery, one painting at a time

The museum’s head of framing, Peter Schade, is quietly changing how we see some of the world’s most famous pictures

14 May 2024

Frieze New York puts a premium on performance

This year’s laudably international line-up gives plenty of space to photography, performance and video

29 Apr 2024

What to expect from EXPO Chicago 2024

At the art fair’s first edition under new ownership medieval manuscripts can be found alongside contemporary offerings

8 Apr 2024

Who’s afraid of immersive art?

Do digital techniques to enliven familiar paintings help or hinder our understanding of the art at hand?

4 Apr 2024

Dealers draw together for Salon du Dessin

There are plenty of new discoveries to be made at the Paris fair focused on fine draughtsmanship

20 Mar 2024

Museums and the art trade get together for Asia Week New York

The annual event provides plenty of artistic surprises and has much to offer to smaller collectors

9 Mar 2024

Sensory overload – an interview with Laure Prouvost

Behind the artist’s enjoyably exuberant artworks is a serious concern with rewiring language and remaking bodies

26 Feb 2024

The bric-a-brac brilliance of Gillian Lowndes

An exhibition of the late ceramicist’s creations features only 11 works, but open-minded viewers will find plenty to delight in

16 Feb 2024

BRAFA marks the centenary of the birth of Surrealism

This year’s edition of the Brussels fair is full of dreamlike offerings from new exhibitors and stalwarts of the event alike

19 Jan 2024

The godmothers of conceptual art take centre stage – contemporary highlights in 2024

Yoko Ono and Sophie Calle are the subject of major retrospectives while museums also have more material concerns

3 Jan 2024

The city of Nantes has really pushed out the boat for culture

Ambitious arts programming has transformed the fortunes of the French city since it experienced tough times in the 1980s

16 Nov 2023

The Cornish museum with a thoroughly bewitching collection

The custodian of the largest collection of occult objects in Europe explains the enduring appeal of all things supernatural

25 Oct 2023

Around the galleries – ambitions are high at Asian Art in London

The return of the event shows that the capital remains a global hub for the market

24 Oct 2023

Man of the cloth – Karun Thakar on his extraordinary collection of Asian textiles

Among the collector’s many objects is one of the most important holdings of antique textiles in private hands

23 Oct 2023

Frieze week highlights: calligraphic paintings and serene still lifes

More than 100 works by the painter Frank Walter are on show at the Garden Museum while the Foundling Museum pairs contemporary works with its historic holdings

10 Oct 2023

Around the galleries – Paris+ par Art Basel is back with even grander plans

Art Basel’s newest offshoot returns to the French capital with a public programme that is free and open to everyone

2 Oct 2023

A seriously good trip – the Dreamachine at Hackney Downs Studios

The psychedelic artwork-meets-wellbeing experience is still in its pilot stages but it deserves to be a mainstream hit

8 Sep 2023

Around the galleries – British Art Fair welcomes a fresh crop of collectors

Under new owners, this stalwart of the London fair calendar shows that a focus on British art needn’t be parochial

22 Aug 2023

How the Buddha became the Buddha

John Guy, curator of an exhibition of early Buddhist art at the Met, tells Apollo how the new religion transformed art in India

10 Aug 2023

The colourful life of Madame Yevonde

The advent of new technology transformed the photographer’s work in the 1930s – but it couldn’t last

10 Jul 2023

The artist who worships stained glass, but detests the modern Church

Brian Clarke hopes his favourite medium has a bright future, but that’s no thanks to museums or the Church of England

9 Jun 2023
Shoji Hamada at work in 2008

How Shoji Hamada reinvented British ceramic traditions

The Japanese ceramicist infused his approach to pottery with British traditions from his travels in the 1920s, before bringing this new style back to his native country

24 Oct 2022