Collective effort – the social sculptures of Simone Leigh

The sculptor is deeply connected to a wider network of artists and thinkers who also get their dues in this large-scale survey

4 Aug 2023

Old Masters are back in the running at the Walker Art Gallery

After a multimillion-pound refurbishment, Liverpool’s greatest gallery is rethinking what a Victorian collection of Renaissance art means today

2 Aug 2023

The outsize influence of the little black dress

The frock you can wear to everything has never gone out of style – but that hasn’t stopped designers trying to pull it off its pedestal

28 Jul 2023

At the National Gallery, Paula Rego holds her own against a Renaissance master

Spot Judith, Delilah, the Virgin Mary – and museum staff – in a monumental mural inspired by a 15th-century altarpiece

26 Jul 2023

The fake’s progress – an introduction to the art of forgery at the Courtauld

A display of counterfeit works offers an object lesson in what a masterpiece really is – but it could have had more fun with the subject

25 Jul 2023

Bringing Baya back – what the Algerian artist means in Marseille today

The self-taught painter was hailed by the Surrealists as a master of ‘art naïf’ – but this exhibition makes clear that her work was rooted in the complex politics of her day

20 Jul 2023

The Victorian bookcase that contains a whole cultural world

William Burges commissioned a singular piece of furniture with contributions from everyone who was anyone among his wide artistic acquaintance

20 Jul 2023

The absolutely fabulous stars of stage and screen

The question of what makes a performer truly divine is at the heart of a rigorously researched exhibition at the V&A

17 Jul 2023

Two shakes of a lamba’s tale – in Madgascar, a traditional garment tells new stories

A new generation of artists in the capital Antananarivo are boldly reinventing an emblem of national identity

17 Jul 2023

The colourful life of Madame Yevonde

The advent of new technology transformed the photographer’s work in the 1930s – but it couldn’t last

10 Jul 2023
Yayoi Kusama exhibition in Manchester

Blown up: Yayoi Kusama goes big in Manchester

The city’s newest and largest arts space provides ample room for the artist’s large-scale inflatables, but it’s not all about size

6 Jul 2023

Lights, camera, exhibition – see Vermeer on the big screen

The Rijksmuseum’s blockbuster has been recorded for posterity, but can a film really do the paintings justice?

4 Jul 2023

The Met simplifies Cecily Brown

Linking the painter’s work directly to its source material downplays what makes it really interesting

3 Jul 2023

Saint Francis, pure and simple

The saint may have lived a life of poverty, but this richly varied exhibition is anything but impoverished

3 Jul 2023

Gwen John bares it all at Pallant House

The artist’s remarkable paintings of women are also a form of self-exposure

30 Jun 2023

For Anne Collier, the eyes definitely have it

For the conceptual artist from New York, a show in County Wexford is a chance to focus on what it means to look – and to be looked at

23 Jun 2023

Rites and rituals take centre stage at the Liverpool Biennial

At the heart of a memorable but uneven event is the struggle to remember the transatlantic slave trade in appropriate ways

21 Jun 2023

The guiding hand of Hugo van der Goes

The Netherlandish painter is a master of directing viewers to the telling detail

21 Jun 2023

Rococo pops as a Rosalba pastel is fittingly framed

Murals by the pastellist Nicolas Party provide a temporary backdrop for a Venetian portrait

14 Jun 2023

Will this year’s Serpentine Pavilion really get people talking?

Lina Ghotmeh’s structure presents Londoners with the terrifying prospect of interacting with strangers

9 Jun 2023

Tinder for Tudors, and other Renaissance mating rituals

The Holburne Museum engages in a clever bit of matchmaking, with rarely shown paintings and all kinds of love tokens

2 Jun 2023

How the wild things are

The British Library’s audio-visual tour of the animal kingdom doubles as a weird and wonderful history of natural history

2 Jun 2023

Berthe Morisot, always in the moment

The painter went to great lengths to make her careful compositions look effortlessly spontaneous

30 May 2023

The early modern artists who tried to study abroad

Larry Silver’s history of how northern European artists depicted other cultures could have taken a broader view

30 May 2023