Peter Doig’s pick-and-mix approach to painting

The Courtauld’s show of recent works may be uneven but, at his best, the artist is more than capable of rubbing shoulders with the greats

23 Mar 2023

When the wearing of white is a morally grey affair

The non-colour may convey notions of innocence and idealism, but it can also denote a darker side

23 Mar 2023

A right royal dog show

Do photographs of the late Queen’s corgis at the Wallace Collection truly represent the depth of her devotion to this best of all breeds?

13 Mar 2023

Vast paintings of London prove that size isn’t everything

The Guildhall’s display of scenes set in the City is a minor curiosity rather than a major diversion

10 Mar 2023

The haunted paintings of Patricia Hurl

Bold brushstrokes and strong colours add up to a powerful sense of unease in the artist’s cryptically titled portraits of modern Ireland

3 Mar 2023

A Romanian Surrealist is finally fêted at home

Victor Brauner was a leading light of the Surrealist movement but, until now, he has been little known in his native country

3 Mar 2023

Crowd-pleasing art in 17th-century Amsterdam

Aside from the usual refreshments, the city’s taverns offered a highly engineered form of popular entertainment

27 Feb 2023

Ukrainian modernism deserves to be understood on its own terms

The artists of Ukrainian modernism have often been miscategorised as Russian, but an exhibition of avant-garde art seeks to redress the balance

27 Feb 2023

How Spanish is the collection of the Hispanic Society?

Archer Milton Huntington’s collection forms the backbone of the Hispanic Society in New York, but is his vision a hopelessly romantic view from the past?

27 Feb 2023

The Flemish painter who was a dedicated follower of fashion

Theodoor Rombouts was a great assimilator of styles, but he was more than just another of the Caravaggisti

25 Feb 2023

The Elizabethan whodunit that has kept art historians guessing

Has Compton Verney uncovered the identity of the mysterious Master of the Countess of Warwick?

23 Feb 2023

The deliberately difficult art of Pierre Dunoyer

A show in Paris reveals there may be more to the French artist’s paintings than meets the eye

23 Feb 2023
Edward Brezinski and friends

Take a walk on the obscure side of 1980s New York

This curious film about the painter Edward Brezinski suggests that not all forgotten artists are candidates for rehabilitation

22 Feb 2023

How Italy protected its art from the Nazis

An exhibition in Rome recounts the complicated tale of efforts to safeguard masterpieces across the country during the Second World War

17 Feb 2023

Women artists make a radical mess at the Whitechapel Gallery

A crowded display sees some 150 works of Abstract Expressionism clamouring for attention, but perhaps this is the point

16 Feb 2023

Sonia Boyce gets musical in Margate

The artist takes her Golden Lion-winning work celebrating the extraordinary achievements of Black women in music from Venice to the English seaside

10 Feb 2023

The psychedelic ceramics of Redd Ekks

The Norwegian American’s trippy sculptures are cult classics in the making

7 Feb 2023

Learning in style at the Bibliothèque nationale

The French national library’s exceptional collections now have the setting they deserve

30 Jan 2023

An insider’s guide to 18th-century Ireland

Robert O’Byrne reads between the lines of the itemised contents of great Irish houses

30 Jan 2023

Renaissance painting in its prime

David Young Kim’s ingenious study of grounds and figures takes the reader on an unfamiliar journey through familiar territory

30 Jan 2023

Constructive criticism and mid-century modernism

Eero Saarinen’s marriage to the publicist Aline Louchheim tells us a lot about how the architect made his name

30 Jan 2023

Edward Hopper’s fear of heights

The painter who defined the experience of modern New York never felt quite at home in the high-rise city

30 Jan 2023

The heavenly bodies of Guido Reni

An exhibition at the Städel Museum shows that the baroque painter’s idealised figures are certainly an acquired taste

30 Jan 2023

The art of showing things as they really are

Hyperrealist sculptors today, and still-life painters of the past, have all tried to trick their viewers into accepting fiction as truth

27 Jan 2023