Sarah Watling is the author of ‘Noble Savages’ (Vintage), a biography of the Olivier sisters, and ‘Tomorrow Perhaps the Future: Following Writers and Rebels in the Spanish Civil War’, which will be published in February 2023 by Jonathan Cape.

The dreamlike visions of Julia Margaret Cameron and Francesca Woodman

Despite being separated by more than a century, the two photographers shared a distinctly hazy aesthetic

5 Apr 2024

At the National Gallery, Paula Rego holds her own against a Renaissance master

Spot Judith, Delilah, the Virgin Mary – and museum staff – in a monumental mural inspired by a 15th-century altarpiece

26 Jul 2023
German photographer Gerda Taro

The unflinching gaze of Gerda Taro

The photographer who bore witness to the Spanish Civil War paid the ultimate price for her fearlessness

26 Jan 2023
Hammock Helen Saunders

The Vorticist who was nearly painted out of history

Helen Saunders was briefly at the forefront of British modernism – before she was cancelled by Wyndham Lewis

27 Oct 2022
Duncan Grant Drawing

Duncan Grant’s private erotica finally gets a public outing

There’s nothing remotely shameful about the artist’s exuberant and explicit sketches of cavorting satyrs and manly men

22 Sep 2022