Christina Riggs is chair in the history of visual culture at the department of history at Durham University. She is the author of ‘Treasured: How Tutankhamun Shaped a Century’ (Atlantic Books) and ‘Photographing Tutankhamun’ (Bloomsbury).

Modern myths about ancient Egypt

In Turin, traces of ancient Egypt are never far away, which makes it a welcoming place for contemporary artists with a historical bent

30 Jan 2023

What separates archaeologists from treasure-hunters?

Maria Golia’s history of tomb-raiding in ancient Egypt makes for an entertaining read but there are graver matters to consider

26 Sep 2022

All photographs are products of their time – and they should be treated that way

Turning black and white photos into colour – and vice versa – can be a harmless piece of fun, but the results can also mess with our sense of the past

13 May 2022