Christina Riggs is chair in the history of visual culture at the department of history at Durham University. She is the author of ‘Treasured: How Tutankhamun Shaped a Century’ (Atlantic Books) and ‘Photographing Tutankhamun’ (Bloomsbury).

Newcastle’s Side Gallery is too important to stay closed

The gallery founded by the Amber Collective is a champion of documentary photography, strongly rooted in the local area, and deserves all the support it can get

16 Apr 2023

Modern myths about ancient Egypt

In Turin, traces of ancient Egypt are never far away, which makes it a welcoming place for contemporary artists with a historical bent

30 Jan 2023

What separates archaeologists from treasure-hunters?

Maria Golia’s history of tomb-raiding in ancient Egypt makes for an entertaining read but there are graver matters to consider

26 Sep 2022

All photographs are products of their time – and they should be treated that way

Turning black and white photos into colour – and vice versa – can be a harmless piece of fun, but the results can also mess with our sense of the past

13 May 2022