Tom Stammers is writing a book on collecting and heritage in post-Revolutionary France

La Vachalcade, Fernand Pelez

Picturing poverty in the 19th century

In her final book Linda Nochlin makes a case for painting that looks poverty in the eye

27 Apr 2018

How the French Rothschilds turned their private passions into public gifts

A monumental new study argues that ‘the patronage of the French Rothschild family is a European history of taste’

14 Oct 2017
Andiron representing Psyche, , 1809, made by Pierre-Philippe Thomire, after a design by Charles Percier.

The man who created ‘dictator chic’

Charles Percier may not be a household name, but his Empire style sums up the Napoleonic era – and has had imitators ever since

16 Mar 2017

It’s time to look again at the golden age of sleaze and splendour

Was the French Second Empire as morally and artistically bankrupt as its critics made it out to be?

26 Sep 2016

Cavorting amid the ruins with Hubert Robert

The Louvre's Hubert Robert exhibition was a revelation

2 Jun 2016

Diary: on Francis Haskell

The enduring intellectual influence of Francis Haskell, the ‘historian’s art historian’ who reshaped the whole discipline.

31 Aug 2015