Conrad Landin is a journalist based in Glasgow.

Fig painting by Andrew Cranston

Full of make-believe and making do: the art of Andrew Cranston

The Scottish painter who has long treated book covers as blank canvases is now also working on a much bigger scale

17 Aug 2023

Glasgow’s cuts will hamper its museums for years to come

The axeing of 37 museum posts will force overstretched employees to work harder and make institutions shelve their grander plans

28 Jun 2023

The art of getting deep into debt

A demanding group show about the world economy could do with some more showing and less telling

7 Apr 2023
Nude (detail; c. 1962), Roger Hilton.

How Roger Hilton played fast and loose with the human form

The St Ives painter best known for his abstract works also created his own kind of figurative art

4 Nov 2022
Kim McAleese

Can Kim McAleese breathe new life into Edinburgh Art Festival?

Few of the 1.4 million visitors who flock to Edinburgh each August are coming for the visual arts festival, but its new director has plans to make that change

11 Aug 2022
Iceberg Collage (1994), James Morrison

James Morrison’s paintings take us on a journey into the unknown

The artist refused to paint people, preferring instead to focus on remote landscapes and natural phenomena

20 Jun 2022
Archie Brennan weaving in Nunavut in 1991.

Weft dreams – the utopian tapestries of Archie Brennan

Archie Brennan was a committed craftsman with a fondness for optical illusions and a strong idealistic streak

12 May 2021
The Storm (1906), Emil Nolde.

Shattered hopes and a descent into hell – German Expressionist prints in Glasgow

A remarkable collection of prints anticipate and address Germany’s turmoil after the First World War

3 Jul 2019