Peter Parker’s most recent book is 'Housman Country: Into the Heart of England' (Abacus)

Chansonette (1928), Erna Schmidt-Caroll.

Club scenes – the art of the cabaret at the Barbican

In cities across the world, the cultural avant-garde has often hunkered down – and expressed itself – in nightclubs and bars

1 Nov 2019
Sir Hans Sloane, Bt, 1736, Stephen Slaughter. National Portrait Gallery, London

The private collector who made the British Museum

A new biography of physician-collector Hans Sloane portrays a flawed yet fascinating man

11 Dec 2017
Letters from Bombay (2012-14), Howard Hodgkin. © Howard Hodgkin, Courtesy the artist and Gagosian

How India inspired Howard Hodgkin

‘Painting India’ at the Hepworth Wakefield includes many of the artist’s most engaging and joyful paintings

2 Sep 2017

Paul Nash’s commitment to the English landscape

The artist’s feeling for place is a constant throughout his work – in both peacetime and war

13 Jan 2017

Art and life in the work of Bhupen Khakhar

A welcome exhibition of the Indian artist’s work reveals how he found inspiration in even the smallest of details

18 Jul 2016