Rosamund Bartlett is a biographer and translator of Chekhov and Tolstoy, and lectures regularly on Russian art

Portrait of the Collector of Modern Russian and French Paintings, Ivan Abramovich Morozov (detail; 1910), Valentin Serov. Courtesy Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

The merchant from Moscow who fell for the Parisian avant-garde

Ivan Morozov built one of the greatest modern art collections in the world – but only a century after his death is his legacy being recognised

24 Feb 2021
The Yusupov Palace theatre, designed by Andrey Mikhailov in the 1830s,

Russian spark – the palace builders of St Petersburg 

A ritzy new book brings to life the eclectic tastes and unbridled opulence of aristocratic families in late imperial Russia

27 Mar 2020
Pink Drawing Room (known as the Matisse Room), in Sergei Shchukin’s house, the Trubetskoy Palace, Moscow.

The revolutionary collector who changed the course of Russian art

How Sergei Shchukin brought paintings by the most trailblazing members of the French avant-garde to Russia

17 Oct 2016
Pavel Tretyakov (1901), Ilia Repin. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

The Russian portraits at the NPG are a revelation

Russia’s 19th-century portraitists were more than a match for the exceptional writers and composers they painted. So why is their work so neglected?

13 May 2016