Nicole Rudick is the author of ‘What Is Now Known Was Once Only Imagined: An (Auto) biography of Niki de Saint Phalle’ (Siglio).

American People Series #18: The Flag is Bleeding

Faith Ringgold debunks the myth of the American dream

Faith Ringgold has died at the age of 93. In 2022, Nicole Rudick reviewed her New Museum retrospective, admiring the artist’s lifelong search for better stories to tell about the United States

5 Apr 2024

The magnificent art of Marisol

The Pop sculptor shot to fame in the 1960s, but her determination not to be pigeonholed confounded many critics

15 Dec 2023

The Met simplifies Cecily Brown

Linking the painter’s work directly to its source material downplays what makes it really interesting

3 Jul 2023
Ma gouvernante – My Nurse – Mein Kindermädchen by Meret Oppenheim

The mixed messages of Meret Oppenheim

The artist’s mastery of unusual materials gave her a real edge over her peers

3 Jan 2023