Installation view, showing Volute IV and Volute V by Paul de Monchaux, at Megan Piper, London, 2016

Art and humanity in the work of Paul de Monchaux

The sculptor discusses abstraction, music, architecture, carving kerb stones, and the ‘common enterprise’ at the heart of it all

9 Jan 2017
Jagdish Mittal, founder of the Jagdish and Kamla Mittal Museum of Indian Art, Hyderabad

One man’s lifelong devotion to Indian art

Jagdish Mittal, who has amassed one of the world’s finest collections of Indian art, discusses his dedication to art and instinctive approach to collecting

27 Dec 2016

Bruce McLean: the artist who doesn’t really believe in making art

Bruce McLean’s new paintings may seem like a departure from his earlier conceptual pieces – but not for the artist

19 Dec 2016
Do Ho Suh (b. 1962), photographed at his home in New York in October 2016. Photo: Dina Kantor

For Do Ho Suh, there’s no place like home

‘I bring my home with me wherever I go’

3 Dec 2016
Still from 'It Has a Golden Sun and an Elderly Grey Moon' (2016) by Ulla von Brandenburg. Digital colour video transferred from Super 16. Photo: Martin Argyrogla; courtesy the artist and Art: Concept, Paris.

‘My work revolves around symbols of trust and transformation’

Ulla von Brandenburg’s installations create a theatrical encounter with the viewer, using film, staging, and architecture

28 Nov 2016
Fifty Days at Iliam Shades of Achilles, Patroclus and Hector (1978), Cy Twombly © Courtesy of Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia

Cy Twombly the Francophile

Cy Twombly’s longstanding collaborator Nicola Del Roscio discusses the artist’s love of French culture and the work of the Cy Twombly Foundation

21 Nov 2016

Julia Stoschek on the realities of collecting video art

The German collector, who recently launched a new space in Berlin, talks to Apollo about the challenges and rewards of acquiring a young art form

29 Oct 2016

‘I felt I was more connected in a way with Arab art’

Dia Al-Azzawi on why he sees himself less as an Iraqi artist and more as one from the wider Middle East

22 Oct 2016

Mary Sibande’s alter ego tells the story of post-apartheid South Africa

The Johannesburg-based artist talks to Apollo about what it means to be a young black artist working in South Africa today

21 Oct 2016
(2015), Andrew Hindraker

Is it worse in Europe? A look at art and inequality with the Guerrilla Girls

The anonymous activists on sexual and racial discrimination, Donald Trump, and why it’s actually better in Poland

7 Oct 2016