In the studio with… Adam Pendleton

The New York-based artist enjoys strolling to his studio at the weekends to work in a quiet, concentrated atmosphere

20 Sep 2022
Teresita Fernández

In the studio with… Teresita Fernández

The New York-based artist cherishes her ongoing conversations with Cecilia Vicuña but is otherwise selective about who visits her sacred studio space

13 Sep 2022

In the studio with… Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme

Conversation is paramount for this artistic duo – though they’ve yet to really talk about the mystery box of records in their New York studio

9 Sep 2022
Joana Vasconcelos

In the studio with… Joana Vasconcelos

The Lisbon-based artist once invited the fashion designer John Galliano to join the studio’s Bollywood dance rehearsal

31 Aug 2022
Jil Sander garden

Refashioning the garden – an interview with Jil Sander

Jil Sander is renowned for her minimalist approach to fashion design. And yet the gardens at her country home tells the tale of a more maximalist aesthetic

30 Aug 2022
Annette Messager photographed in her studio in Paris in August 2022.

States of play – an interview with Annette Messager

The artist’s wry installations include everything from cuddly toys to supersized versions of everyday objects. But her art is much tougher than it looks

24 Aug 2022

What the art world really thinks about Documenta 15

Six museum directors, curators and gallerists give their take on the controversies surrounding this year’s exhibition in Kassel

23 Aug 2022
Robert Kime

Robert Kime (1946–2022)

The collector, dealer and interior decorator, who started trading antiques from his rooms at Oxford as an undergraduate, has died at the age of 76

22 Aug 2022

Home comforts – in the kitchen with Jeremy Lee

As the acclaimed Scottish chef prepares to publish his first cookbook, he tells Apollo why the secret to good food is simply a table laden with good things

19 Aug 2022
Lily van der Stokker

In the studio with… Lily van der Stokker

The Dutch artist’s studios are filled with artworks, miniature pieces of furniture and floral vases that she buys at flea markets in France

16 Aug 2022
Kim McAleese

Can Kim McAleese breathe new life into Edinburgh Art Festival?

Few of the 1.4 million visitors who flock to Edinburgh each August are coming for the visual arts festival, but its new director has plans to make that change

11 Aug 2022
Mariana Castillo Deball studio portrait

In the studio with… Mariana Castillo Deball

The Mexican artist’s studio is filled with books and tiny pieces of detritus that have fallen off her artworks or that she finds on her travels

3 Aug 2022
Nikita Gale. Courtesy Chisenhale Gallery

In the studio with… Nikita Gale

Downtime is important for the artist in downtown Los Angeles, who has a figurine from a children’s television show keep watch over their studio

25 Jul 2022
Torkwase Dyson. Photographed by Suzie Howell

In the studio with… Torkwase Dyson

The New York-based artist listens to experimental jazz and audiobooks about physics, and likes to keep her studio floor clean enough for bare feet

18 Jul 2022

In the studio with… Christopher Le Brun

The painter begins his day by sneaking up on his paintings in an attempt to see them afresh and completes them at night when they’re looking their worst

12 Jul 2022
Hew Locke portrait

In the studio with… Hew Locke

The British sculptor keeps haunting relics of the colonial era in his London studio – and soothes himself with audiobooks while he works

5 Jul 2022
Emma Talbot studio

In the studio with… Emma Talbot

The British artist keeps long hours and prefers to work alone, listening to the music of Alice Coltrane and Stevie Wonder or lately, the Italian radio

28 Jun 2022

How Gabriele Finaldi is shaping the future of the National Gallery

As the National Gallery prepares for its upcoming bicentenary, its director Gabriele Finaldi discusses his vision for the future

27 Jun 2022

In the studio with… Dorothy Iannone

The American artist’s studio is split across two rooms – an office and an atelier – in her apartment in Berlin. It is a space ruled by harmony, she says.

20 Jun 2022
Tatiana Trouvé in her studio

In the studio with… Tatiana Trouvé

The atmosphere of the Paris-based artist’s studio depends on the work she is creating – at times it is a sanctuary and at others a battlefield

13 Jun 2022

‘Not to be rebellious would be really boring’ – an interview with Peter Saul

The 87-year-old American painter has never much cared what the critics think – which means that no subject is off limits to him

7 Jun 2022

In the studio with… AA Bronson

The Berlin-based artist sees no division between his life and work – his apartment is filled to the brim with artworks, books and the objects he collects

31 May 2022
British filmmaker and installation artist Isaac Julien (b.1960), photographed in 2021. Photo: Anne-Katrin Purkiss; © Royal Academy of Arts, London

‘You look for your own art history’ – an interview with Isaac Julien

The artist tells Apollo how his new film for the Barnes Foundation weaves together restitution debates with the history of the Harlem Renaissance

30 May 2022
Katrin Bellinger photographed in her print room in London in May 2022. Behind her are drawings by Anne Guéret and Gjisbertus Johannus van den Berg.

Drawn to greatness – the personal collection of Katrin Bellinger

Once a renowned dealer in Old Master drawings, Bellinger’s own collection includes all kinds of works on paper and oils – and she’s committed to sharing what she has

30 May 2022