Millie Walton is the Digital Editor of Apollo.

Rebuilding Baghdad – in the new instalment of Assassin’s Creed

Dr Glaire Anderson of Edinburgh University explains how she helped bring Islamic art and architecture to life for the latest version of the video game

11 Oct 2023

Frieze week highlights: breast-feeding goddesses and poetry in performance

Paintings of women by Rubens at Dulwich Picture Gallery and an installation by Julianknxx at the Barbican are among the shows not to miss this year

10 Oct 2023

Body politics – an interview with Florence Peake

The performance artist uses paint, props and a nude cast of actors to make her point

29 Jun 2023

Why Laurie Anderson is still looking at the world sideways

The performance artist has struck an uneasy balance between fact and fiction in her work for more than five decades

19 Apr 2023
Ateneum Art Museum

Finnish lines – a new look for the Ateneum in Helsinki

Finland’s most important art museum has been completely rehung just as questions of culture and national identity are on everyone’s mind

14 Apr 2023

‘You have to look into the past to move forward’ – an interview with Zineb Sedira

The French-Algerian artist explains her fascination with the activism of the 1960s and why, for her, the personal really is political

30 Jan 2023

Pussy Riot’s plan to reduce Putin to ashes

Nadya Tolokonniva talks about the importance of continuing to protest – but she’s wary of becoming burnt out in the process

27 Jan 2023
The Interview Dana Schutz

Sculpture from the scrapyard and Simone Leigh’s first museum survey – contemporary art highlights in 2023

Exhibitions to look forward to include some major retrospectives and shows that pick up where the Venice Biennale left off

30 Dec 2022
Installation view of ’Maria Bartuszová’ at Tate Modern, London, in 2022. Photo: © Tate/Joe Humphrys

Plaster master – Maria Bartuszova at Tate Modern, reviewed

The Slovakian sculptor poured and moulded plaster into creations that evoke the body and the natural world in equal measure

21 Dec 2022
The artist Vanessa Baird

‘I think I’ll have to keep tearing bodies apart’ – an interview with Vanessa Baird

The Oslo-based artist has never shied away from explicit – or controversial – material, but it’s not just about creating a shocking scene

11 Nov 2022
Helen Saunders Hammock

Frieze week highlights: Beat Generation artists and the forgotten Vorticist

Drawings and paintings by the little-known Vorticist artist Helen Saunders and a screening of Bruce Conner’s 1967 film ‘THE WHITE ROSE’ are among the shows not to miss this year

6 Oct 2022
Photo: Sonny Thakur

The Apollo 40 Under 40 Asia Pacific in focus: Jam Acuzar

The founding director of Bellas Artes Projects explains how she came to create one of the Philippines’ most vivid arts organisations

22 Sep 2022
Carolee Schneemann

In search of the real Carolee Schneemann

The late performance artist celebrated the messiness of bodies in her work – so it’s a shame her survey at the Barbican all feels a bit clean

14 Sep 2022