Gabrielle Schwarz is a freelance writer and editor

For Mika Rottenberg, silliness is a deeply serious business

The Argentine-Israeli film-maker takes a typically absurdist tilt at technocapitalism and the climate crisis

13 Jun 2023

‘Not to be rebellious would be really boring’ – an interview with Peter Saul

The 87-year-old American painter has never much cared what the critics think – which means that no subject is off limits to him

7 Jun 2022
Daddy: A Melodrama

Power play — ‘“Daddy”: A Melodrama’ at the Almeida, reviewed

Jeremy O. Harris’ latest play unravels the twisted power dynamics between a wealthy white art collector and an emerging Black artist on a Hockney-inspired stage

8 Apr 2022
Olafur Eliasson ice watch

Is the art world’s talk of going green just a load of hot air?

Museums and galleries are keener than ever to display their environmental credentials – but words and deeds don’t always seem to match up

5 Apr 2022
Self absorbed, much? Julia Garner as Anna Sorokin in Inventing Anna.

Only the art world could have been fooled by Anna Sorokin for so long

The story of the scammer who passed herself off as an heiress should make for must-see television, but reality far outstrips Shonda Rhimes’s overly safe retelling

18 Feb 2022
A&E, Adolf/Adam & Eva/Eve

Performance anxiety – Paul McCarthy makes his audience incredibly uneasy

The artist’s first performance in a decade was a lot, even for the most ‘open-minded’ onlookers

26 Nov 2021
L.H.O.O.Q. (detail; 1964), Marcel Duchamp.

Frieze week highlights: poetry on demand and Duchamp’s readymades

John Giorno’s Dial-A-Poem hotline is now available in the UK – plus more projects and shows not to miss this year

6 Oct 2021

The Apollo 40 Under 40 Art & Tech in focus: Salome Asega

The recently appointed director of New Inc discusses her plans for the cultural incubator and outlines why we need to think more about the ethics of tech

20 Sep 2021
Star gazing: still from the Abramovic Method by Marina Abramovic, designed by WeTransfer

The path to self-improvement, according to Marina Abramovic

The artist has partnered up with WeTransfer to create a digital version of the Abramovic Method, a series of exercises that will test your patience to its limit

18 Jun 2021
Taking after Turner: Timothy Spall.

After playing Turner and Lowry, now Timothy Spall has taken up painting for real

Having picked up the paintbrush for film roles, the actor found that he couldn’t stop painting – and he now has a solo show of his own

21 May 2021
Joseph Beuys in 1975, photographed by Caroline Tisdall.

The disappearance of Joseph Beuys

The German artist’s greatest work was himself – so marking his centenary makes for a curatorial conundrum

11 May 2021
Antony Gormley photographed by Stephen White in his studio in London in March 2021.

Antony Gormley has always believed that sculpture can change the world – and that faith is firmer than ever

An interview with Antony Gormley – public servant, Romantic artist and utopian thinker

24 Apr 2021
Who’s been framed? The Isabella Stewart Gardner museum in the aftermath of the heist in 1990.

Raiders of the lost art – the Gardner heist gets the Netflix treatment

The Gardner Museum heist hasn’t been solved in 30 years – and it’s perfect fodder for a true crime documentary

5 Apr 2021
Katherine Parkinson as Mary in ‘Sitting’.

Sitting witty: Katherine Parkinson reimagines portrait painting for the small screen

For Katherine Parkinson’s TV play about portrait sitters, Roxana Halls ‘ghost-painted’ a series of portraits – a demanding role, as they tell Apollo

30 Mar 2021
Rosalind Nashashibi at her exhibition ‘An Overflow of Passion and Sentiment’ in the National Gallery, London

Spanish pointers – Rosalind Nashashibi at the National Gallery

During a residency at the gallery, the artist has made works inspired by the drama of Spanish Golden Age painting

23 Dec 2020
Hard Rain Gon’ Come (2020), Christina Quarles.

‘My painting explores what it means to inhabit your own body’ – an interview with Christina Quarles

In her enigmatic paintings, the California-based artist explores the gap between our bodies and how they’re perceived

5 Nov 2020
Tapes from Pearson's Basement (2014), from the series Hard Copy, Julia Christensen.

‘We are enacting a planetary crisis with electronics’ – an interview with Julia Christensen

The Ohio-based artist discusses her long-term research into our throwaway culture – and how a LACMA fellowship led to her working with NASA

15 Oct 2020

The Apollo 40 Under 40 Africa in focus: Marie-Cécile Zinsou

The founding director of the Republic of Benin’s leading art centre discusses the importance of philanthropy for the arts in West Africa

28 Sep 2020
A volunteer mathematics teacher with students at Tufts, Mound Bayou, Mississippi (1968), Doris Derby.

‘We were documenting for history’ – an interview with Civil Rights photographer Doris Derby

The activist, educator and artist discusses a lifetime spent fighting for racial justice – and the role that images can play in this struggle

10 Jul 2020
Untitled, Harlem, New York (1963), Gordon Parks.

A socially distanced stroll around the galleries

Photographs by Gordon Parks and a panoramic painting by Dale Lewis feature amid an unusually plentiful offering in London this summer

9 Jul 2020
Julio Le Parc, photographed in his studio in Cachan in February 2020 by Claire Dorn

The joyful art of Julio Le Parc

The Argentinian-born artist, now in his tenth decade, reflects on a life devoted to trying new things

20 Jun 2020
Installation view of ‘Tomás Saraceno: Aria’ at Palazzo Strozzi, Florence.

Spiders and soaring sculptures – Tomás Saraceno in Florence

An exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi positions the wildly ambitious artist as a Renaissance man for our times

20 Apr 2020
Installation view of 'Vivian Suter: Tintin's Sofa' at Camden Arts Centre, 2019.

Force of nature – the weathered canvases of Vivian Suter

Vivian Suter’s paintings, on show at Camden Arts Centre, are marked by the elements of the rainforest where she works – as well as by her dogs’ paws

17 Feb 2020
Einkreisung (1976/80), Valie Export.

Viennese whirlwind – the feminist artist who outraged Austrian society

With a London gallery restaging Valie Export’s exhibition at the Venice Biennale in 1980, the artist looks back at her controversial body of work

19 Dec 2019