How three art students built London’s best bao restaurants

After meeting at the Slade, Erchen Chang, Shing Tat Chung and Wai Ting have taken the creation of the soft, steamy buns to new heights

6 Apr 2023

Why does Surrealism feel so contemporary?

As the movement approaches its 100th anniversary, six experts explain why it continues to inspire artists, collectors and curators today

31 Mar 2023
portrait of a man sitting on a chair in a warehouse space

Photographic memory – an interview with Thomas Demand

The artist who builds and photographs meticulous maquettes explains how the pleasure of tricking people plays second fiddle to his interest in reality

22 Mar 2023

Cardboard countries – how Eva Jospin is crafting a whole new world

Eva Jospin turned to cardboard out of necessity – but, as she tells Apollo, this humble material has allowed her to realise entire worlds

21 Mar 2023

In the studio with… Angela Heisch

The Brooklyn-based artist has found that becoming a mother has completely transformed the way she works

7 Mar 2023
The artist Marc Camille Chaimowicz at home

In the studio with… Marc Camille Chaimowicz

The elusive artist discourages visitors but enjoys the company of a mysterious wooden statue that was left behind by a previous occupant

23 Feb 2023
Frank Dowling

Pub culture – maritime masterpieces at the Trafalgar Tavern

Pub landlord Frank Dowling has built a collection of museum-quality masterpieces and curios that testify to his love of London’s maritime history

artist in her studio

In the studio with… Kathryn Maple

The weird lighting in the artist’s studio sometimes makes her feel like she’s in tropical fish tank, but her dog Mary makes sure she gets out for walks every day

6 Feb 2023

Family favourites – at home with Michael and Winnie Feng

The couple’s apartment in New York contains Chinese antiquities of impeccable provenance, as well as photographs of illustrious forebears

30 Jan 2023

‘You have to look into the past to move forward’ – an interview with Zineb Sedira

The French-Algerian artist explains her fascination with the activism of the 1960s and why, for her, the personal really is political

30 Jan 2023

Pussy Riot’s plan to reduce Putin to ashes

Nadya Tolokonniva talks about the importance of continuing to protest – but she’s wary of becoming burnt out in the process

27 Jan 2023
Every Ocean Hughes

In the studio with… Every Ocean Hughes

The interdisciplinary artist tries to find a balance between isolation and connection – and once tried to make friends with an imaginary pelican

16 Jan 2023
Anthony Daley studio

In the studio with… Anthony Daley

The Jamaican-British artist has a penchant for picking up other people’s rubbish and falls in love with the collectors who come to see his work

10 Jan 2023
Mike Nelson

‘It’s about a sense of atmosphere’ – an interview with Mike Nelson

As the artist prepares for his show at the Hayward Gallery, he talks about using the remains of today to reimagine the past

3 Jan 2023
Uwe Wittwer studio

In the studio with… Uwe Wittwer

The Swiss artist maintains a strict working schedule to make the most of the daylight hours and keeps the writings of W.G. Sebald and Patti Smith close to hand

20 Dec 2022
Douglas Gordon

In the studio with… Douglas Gordon

The Glaswegian artist works in the dark to a soundtrack of Irish rebel music and keeps a Narwhal penis bone next to his rifle and arctic wolf

8 Dec 2022

Reframing the Fitz – Luke Syson has big plans for the museum’s future

The director of the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, talks to Apollo about ‘bossy’ objects, slashed funding and the stories collections tell

7 Dec 2022

Can NFTs make a comeback?

Five leading figures in the digital art world offer their insights into how the NFT market will evolve following the crypto crash

30 Nov 2022

Inside track – the artists who really know how to portray their subjects

The curator Andrew Bonacina explains why Gwen John’s obsessive approach to portraiture became the starting point for a group show at Michael Werner gallery in London

22 Nov 2022

In the studio with… Lucia Laguna

The Brazilian artist draws influence from the views of Rio de Janeiro’s suburbs she can see through her studio windows

14 Nov 2022
The artist Vanessa Baird

‘I think I’ll have to keep tearing bodies apart’ – an interview with Vanessa Baird

The Oslo-based artist has never shied away from explicit – or controversial – material, but it’s not just about creating a shocking scene

11 Nov 2022

In the studio with… Hernan Bas

The Miami-based artist isn’t especially keen on visitors, but he has a television and an 18th-century cooling casket to keep him company

8 Nov 2022
Tadesse Mesfin, photographed in his studio in Addis Ababa in February 2022

Tadesse Mesfin’s beaming visions of Ethiopia are pure joy

The pioneer of Ethiopian modernism tells Apollo about his years in the USSR and his depictions of brightly-dressed women at market

3 Nov 2022
Himali Singh Soin

In the studio with… Himali Singh Soin

The Indian artist enjoys company while she’s working and even occasionally posts an open invitation on Instagram, encouraging visitors to drop by

25 Oct 2022