Work in progress for 'Petrit Halilaj: Very volcanic over this green feather' at Tate St Ives, 2021.

Petrit Halilaj: Very volcanic over this green feather

In Cornwall, the artist’s first UK solo show revisits the drawings he created as a teenager after being displaced by the Kosovo War

15 Oct 2021
The Arena of the Sun (1954), Fahrelnissa Zeid.

Women in Abstraction

Works by more than 100 artists at the Guggenheim Bilbao offer an expanded version of the story of abstract art

15 Oct 2021
Meret Oppenheim in her studio (1982), Margrit Baumann.

Meret Oppenheim: My Exhibition

This transatlantic survey of the Surrealist’s work begins in Bern – the city where she spent her last 30 years

15 Oct 2021
Gio Ponti's Martin Building, with the new Sie Welcome Center.

Denver Art Museum

Gio Ponti’s fortress-like building reopens after renovations, with more room for the museum’s encyclopaedic collections

15 Oct 2021
Housewives with Steak-Knives (detail; 1983–85), Sutapa Biswas.

Sutapa Biswas: Lumen

A survey of the artist’s work at Kettle’s Yard, from anti-racist activism of the 1980s to more recent meditations on community

8 Oct 2021
Serving tray (1950). Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

Scandinavian Design & USA: People, Encounters and Ideas, 1890–1980

The Nationalmuseum in Stockholm explores how Scandinavian craft aesthetics crossed over to the States

8 Oct 2021
Olive Grove, Saint-Rémy (detail; 1889), Vincent van Gogh.

Van Gogh and the Olive Groves

The artist’s late depictions of olive trees – on show at the Dallas Museum of Art – are among his most impassioned paintings

8 Oct 2021
Umi (The Sea) (detail; 1929), Koga Harue.

Surrealism Beyond Borders

The movement founded in Paris in 1924 quickly spread across the globe – as this show at the Met Fifth Avenue demonstrates

8 Oct 2021
Still from NoNoseKnows (2005–06), Mika Rottenberg.

Mika Rottenberg

The artist’s absurdly comic send-ups of global capitalism are on view at Louisiana in Denmark

1 Oct 2021
Young Woman at Her Toilet (c. 1515), Titian.

Titian’s Vision of Women: Beauty – Love – Poetry

An exhibition in Vienna explores how Titian and his peers portrayed womanhood in 16th-century Venice

1 Oct 2021
Soirée Athénienne (detail; 1897), Iakovos Rizos.

Paris – Athens: The Birth of Modern Greece, 1675–1919

The Louvre explores French interest in ancient Greece and the emergence of the modern Greek nation

1 Oct 2021
Patronage of the Virgin Immaculate over the Children of the Viceroy Count of Lemos (detail; c. 1672), workshop of Francisco de Escobar.

Return Journey: Art of the Americas in Spain

The Prado shines a light on the artworks that Spanish explorers took back with them from the New World

1 Oct 2021
‘Cats and hibiscus’, from the Great Picture Book of Everything (1820s–40s), Katsushika Hokusai.

Hokusai: The Great Picture Book of Everything

The Japanese master’s ambitious – and abandoned – project to depict all the known universe has its first outing at the British Museum

24 Sep 2021
(detail; 1928), André Kertész.

André Kertész: Postcards from Paris

The photographer’s early experiments with cartes postales are on view at the Art Institute of Chicago

24 Sep 2021
Gold recumbent stag plaque with inlays of turquoise and lapis lazuli (eighth–sixth century BC), discovered at the Eleke Sazy burial complex in Kazakhstan

Gold of the Great Steppe

The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge hosts a dazzling display of ancient treasures, recently unearthed in Kazakhstan

24 Sep 2021

Cinema at Last! Arts, Images and Entertainment in France, 1833–1907

The Musée d’Orsay puts on a show exploring how early cinema was born of the 19th-century passion for spectacle

24 Sep 2021
Photo: Tomek Dersu Aaron

Karen Archey

Curator of contemporary art, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

20 Sep 2021

Salome Asega

Director, New Inc, New York

20 Sep 2021

Jenny Bulstrode

Lecturer in History of Science and Technology, UCL, London

20 Sep 2021
Photo: Niccolò Caranti/Wikimedia commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Joy Buolamwini

Founder, Algorithmic Justice League, Cambridge, MA

20 Sep 2021

Aria Dean

Artist and writer, New York

20 Sep 2021

Yuk Hui

Philosopher, Berlin and Hong Kong

20 Sep 2021

Aliaa Ismail

Director, Theban Necropolis Preservation Initiative, Cairo

20 Sep 2021
Photo: Mika Ninagawa

Yoichi Ochiai

Artist and researcher, Tsukaba

20 Sep 2021