Why won’t the UK government stand up for the arts?

The art market is one of Britain’s economic successes, but politicians of all stripes are unsupportive of the sector

28 Nov 2023

How healthy is London’s contemporary art market?

The first Frieze Art Fair in 2003 made the capital cool again – but how much does it matter now, 20 years on?

9 Oct 2023

Is Frieze Art Fair still a hot ticket?

Seven leading curators, art advisors and gallerists look back on the launch of the London event and consider how relevant it is today

4 Oct 2023

Can selling artworks in small pieces yield big dividends?

A new breed of business is offering investors shares in blue-chip artworks – and making big claims about their profitability

25 Aug 2023

The young gallerists reinvigorating London’s art scene

A wave of emerging galleries is breaking across the capital despite difficult economic conditions

10 Jul 2023
film still of glitching screen with a woman pressing her fingers to her temples

Who’s afraid of video art?

Six leading figures in the art world discuss the challenges of collecting and showing video art

8 Jun 2023

Who really wants to buy video art?

Video art makes the running in the art world – but commercially, it has some catching up to do

30 May 2023

How New York took over the art world

After decades of globalisation, the centre of gravity is shifting back to the Big Apple

27 Apr 2023

Why does Surrealism feel so contemporary?

As the movement approaches its 100th anniversary, six experts explain why it continues to inspire artists, collectors and curators today

31 Mar 2023

Why is Surrealist art so popular?

Public and curatorial interest in the avant-garde movement shows no signs of abating but the market is less stable

27 Mar 2023

What does the future hold for the antiquities trade?

A new drive to ensure that ancient objects were obtained legally is transforming the market

27 Feb 2023

Does the Old Masters market need to learn some new tricks?

Are collectors less interested than they used to be, or is the trade showing a lack of imagination? Five experts weigh in.

31 Jan 2023

How healthy is the market for Old Masters?

Blockbuster shows and occasional auction records can seem at odds with the lukewarm interest from collectors

30 Jan 2023
Visitors at Art Basel Miami Beach in November 2022

What will happen to the art market in 2023?

After the uncertainty of the pandemic, the art market bounced back in 2022, but what challenges will the new year bring?

29 Dec 2022

Can NFTs make a comeback?

Five leading figures in the digital art world offer their insights into how the NFT market will evolve following the crypto crash

30 Nov 2022
Ursula Endlicher's Input Field Reversal #2 (2022)

NFTs after the crypto crash – what happens now?

Are NFTs a revolutionary approach to new media art or simply a fleeting trend? Jane Morris explores the role of non-fungible tokens today

28 Nov 2022
Pieno di Vuoto by Minjung Kim

Is bypassing a gallery as lucrative as it seems?

The boom in international demand for contemporary art has seen more and more living artists begin to sell at auction. But who stands to gain?

24 Oct 2022

Is the art market about to tank? What the experts say

Six leading economists and art advisers offer their insights into how the market will be affected by a global recession

29 Sep 2022

How will a global recession affect the art market?

There is a growing nervousness about the effect a predicted global downturn might have on the art market’s post-pandemic bounce-back

26 Sep 2022
The Rituals of Things (2022) by Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts and Culture

What can Documenta teach the market?

This year’s Documenta is possibly the most challenging edition yet – so why is much of the art market failing to attend?

30 Aug 2022

What the art world really thinks about Documenta 15

Six museum directors, curators and gallerists give their take on the controversies surrounding this year’s exhibition in Kassel

23 Aug 2022
Sotheby's Auction House, London

Can the UK art market bounce back?

As the UK falls behind in the global market, Jane Morris considers the route to reclaiming its competitive status

15 Jun 2022
Jadé Fadojutimi painting

Bright young things – the rapid rise of contemporary art’s newest stars

The next generation of contemporary artists may be emerging in the primary market galleries but just how secure is their future?

30 May 2022
Jeremy Deller’s We sit starving amidst our gold (detail), on view at the Venice Biennale in 2013. Photo: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

The art world’s problem with Russian money

As the number of global billionaires has ballooned, the art world has become increasingly reliable on questionable funds from Russia and elsewhere

28 Apr 2022