Photo: Donavon Smallwood

In the studio with… Reginald Sylvester II

The New York-based painter loves working alone in his studio, but its high ceilings have encouraged him to work on larger canvases – and he’s running out of room

30 Jun 2021
Betty Tompkins in her studio, photographed in June 2021

In the studio with… Betty Tompkins

During the pandemic the pioneering feminist painter has retreated to her studio in rural Pennsylvania, where she has truly embraced the quiet life

21 Jun 2021
Mandy El-Sayegh photographed in her studio in 2020.

In the studio with… Mandy El-Sayegh

The unlikeliest objects in the London-based artist’s studio? Either the sex toys or the taxidermy collection, she says

15 Jun 2021
Peter Blake photographed at home in 2015.

The king of collage – an interview with Peter Blake

The artist talks to Martin Gayford about a life spent pushing the possibilities of collage, from his Sgt. Pepper cover to recent digital experiments

12 Jun 2021
Chantal Joffe in the studio.

In the studio with… Chantal Joffe

The painter offers a glimpse of her canalside studio in London, where she works alone save for her portrait sitters – and a stuffed toy camel on wheels

7 Jun 2021
Sheila Hicks at an exhibition of her work at the Chaumont-sur-Loire castle in 2017.

In the studio with… Sheila Hicks

When the weather permits, the artist builds her textile sculptures in the cobblestone courtyard of her studio in the heart of Paris

31 May 2021
Samson Kambalu at Magdalen College, Oxford.

In the studio with… Samson Kambalu

At Modern Art Oxford, the artist has set the stage for a ceremony initiating visitors into a utopian world of racial justice

25 May 2021

Salvage value: the rescue missions of Michael Rakowitz

The Iraqi-American artist talks to Apollo about making an anti-war memorial in Margate – and about ‘problem-solving and trouble-making’ with his art

23 May 2021
Taking after Turner: Timothy Spall.

After playing Turner and Lowry, now Timothy Spall has taken up painting for real

Having picked up the paintbrush for film roles, the actor found that he couldn’t stop painting – and he now has a solo show of his own

21 May 2021
Bedwyr Williams with the Science Museum Group Collection at the National Collections Centre in Wiltshire. The artist is currently working with local audiences to create a film and accompanying book as a response to the collection, which will go in view at the collection centre when it opens to the public in 2024.

In the studio with… Bedwyr Williams

The Welsh artist’s studio looks out on to the mountains of Snowdonia – idyllic were it not for the children screaming in the playground next door, he says

18 May 2021
Two of Julian Opie’s self-portraits, both titled ‘Julian’, from 2012 and 2013 (left to right).

In the studio with… Julian Opie

The one tool Julian Opie could least do without? His eyes, he says – although he’d be pretty lost without his computer too

10 May 2021
Heather Phillipson in her (physical) studio.

In the studio with… Heather Phillipson

The artist, poet and musician Heather Phillipson may live and work in London – but her main studio, she says, is in her head

6 May 2021
Hurvin Anderson in his studio.

In the studio with… Hurvin Anderson

The painter is currently commuting to a studio in his garden and has an encyclopaedia of palm trees close at hand

26 Apr 2021
Antony Gormley photographed by Stephen White in his studio in London in March 2021.

Antony Gormley has always believed that sculpture can change the world – and that faith is firmer than ever

An interview with Antony Gormley – public servant, Romantic artist and utopian thinker

24 Apr 2021

‘You don’t have to man-manage artists’ – Maro Itoje talks African art

The England rugby star is presenting an art exhibition in London exploring Africa’s contribution to world culture

23 Apr 2021
Idris Khan photographed at Victoria Miro, London, in 2021.

In the studio with… Idris Khan

While preparing for his latest show at Victoria Miro, the artist listened to Max Richter’s remix of the Four Seasons on repeat

20 Apr 2021

In the studio with… Caroline Walker

The Scottish painter Caroline Walker offers a glimpse inside her north London studio – where she’s kept company by slugs, spiders and cuddly toys

15 Apr 2021

In the studio with… Rana Begum

The artist recently moved into a new studio overlooking a cemetery in Hackney – the view’s great, but there is a minor mosquito problem

14 Apr 2021
Katherine Parkinson as Mary in ‘Sitting’.

Sitting witty: Katherine Parkinson reimagines portrait painting for the small screen

For Katherine Parkinson’s TV play about portrait sitters, Roxana Halls ‘ghost-painted’ a series of portraits – a demanding role, as they tell Apollo

30 Mar 2021

The poetry of Polaroids, chez François Halard

Locked down in Arles, the celebrated interiors photographer François Halard made a series of dreamlike Polaroids that emerge as an enigmatic self-portrait

8 Mar 2021
Untitled (lockdown portrait) (detail; 2020), Gillian Wearing.

Behind the mask? An interview with Gillian Wearing

Gillian Wearing is in an unusually candid mode in her lockdown paintings, writes Martin Herbert – if you take them at face value, that is

6 Mar 2021
Lisa Yuskavage photographed at her studio in December 2020.

For Lisa Yuskavage, art isn’t about being right or wrong – it’s the freedom to do what you want

She may paint Penthouse pin-ups, but Lisa Yuskavage’s work is far more compassionate than some critics allow – not that she makes art with morality in mind

22 Feb 2021
Maggi Hambling, photographed with her pug, Peggy, in November 2020.

‘The thing is to be brave’ – Maggi Hambling toughs it out

From that scandalous scallop to her Mary Wollstonecraft monument, Maggi Hambling is no stranger to controversy

23 Jan 2021
Simon Njami.

‘The future is certainly in Africa’ – an interview with Simon Njami

The writer and curator discusses his latest project at Art Abu Dhabi and how the contemporary art scene in Africa has changed in recent years

20 Nov 2020