Betye Saar (b. 1926), photographed in her studio in Los Angeles in 2019.

‘The way I start a piece is that the materials turn me on’ – an interview with Betye Saar

The artist discusses her stereotype-busting sculptures, and explains why major shows in Los Angeles and New York are ‘just another gig’

16 Nov 2019
Cerith Wyn Evans.

Stockhausen, Duchamp, and exit signs – an interview with Cerith Wyn Evans

The artist talks about the wide-ranging references in his neon installations and other works – from modernist music to yoga

4 Nov 2019
Still from We Live in Silence (2017; detail), Kudzanai Chiurai.

‘I can’t not think of Brexit, in relation to declarations of independence’ – an interview with Kudzanai Chiurai

The Zimbabwean artist discusses his film ‘We Live in Silence’, screened at the opening of Goodman Gallery’s new London premises

31 Oct 2019
Pool of Tears II (2000), Kiki Smith.

‘If you can outlive most men, all of a sudden you can be venerated’ – an interview with Kiki Smith

The versatile artist talks about her love of printmaking – and being in it for the long haul

26 Oct 2019
Agnes Denes walking through her installation Wheatfield – A Confrontation (1982) in the Battery Park landfill, New York.

‘My art is about overcoming our limitations’ – an interview with Agnes Denes

The artist talks about what it meant to plant a wheatfield in Manhattan – and why she wants her work to outlive her

11 Oct 2019
Imran Perretta filming the destructors (2019).

‘Making already complex things more complex’ – an interview with Imran Perretta

The artist discusses his latest film, whose title – the destructors – is borrowed from a short story by Graham Greene

9 Oct 2019

‘I liked the idea of bringing sharp objects into a library’ – an interview with Sean Lynch

The artist discusses the allure of the 19th-century forger Flint Jack – who fooled museums and collectors with his brand-new prehistoric artefacts

26 Sep 2019
Christ and St Mary Magdalen at the Tomb (detail; 1636), Rembrandt van Rijn.

‘The spectator should disappear into the works’ – an interview with Peter Suschitzky

The cinematographer discusses his lighting design for the Dulwich Picture Gallery’s upcoming Rembrandt exhibition

23 Sep 2019
Leo Castelli in a room of the Jasper Johns exhibit at the Castelli Gallery, New York, 1958. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

For the record – collecting gallery papers at the Archives of American Art

From inventories to installation shots – Liza Kirwin discusses the crucial role of gallery records in documenting art history

11 Sep 2019

‘The boxer is the closest I can get to a superhero’ – an interview with Godfried Donkor

The British-Ghanaian artist discusses his fascination with historical images of boxers – and how he works them into contemporary paintings and collages

6 Sep 2019
Ash Dome (1977–ongoing), David Nash.

‘Wood suits me, I’m a Saxon!’ – an interview with David Nash

The British sculptor has spent decades producing work from his sylvan surroundings. He discusses how it all began

3 Aug 2019
School of Beauty, School of Culture (2012), Kerry James Marshall. Birmingham Museum of Art. Courtesy the artist and David Zwirner; © Kerry James Marshall

‘When you put black people in a picture, what should they be doing?’ – an interview with Kerry James Marshall

The painter talks about setting himself technical challenges and taking on the Western art tradition

13 Jul 2019
Yellow Monkey; Emma in drawing room, (2019 and 2018), Tal R. © Paradis/Tal R – Copenhagen, and Victoria Miro – London/Venice

‘Over the years you get closer to those things you call impossible’ – an interview with Tal R

The Danish artist talks about his new exhibition at Hastings Contemporary, and the obsessions behind his paintings

1 Jul 2019
Untitled Film Still #21, (1978), Cindy Sherman. Courtesy the artist and Metro Pictures, new York; © Cindy Sherman

‘I’m trying to erase myself’ – an interview with Cindy Sherman

The artist has been taking photographs of herself for more than 40 years – but we mustn’t think of the results as self-portraits

27 Jun 2019
Untitled (1972), Howardena Pindell.

Howardena Pindell on politics, painting and punching holes

The American artist discusses the pleasures of her craft – and culture in the age of Trump

14 Jun 2019
Leiko Ikemura (b. 1951).

‘I have always set off in new directions’ – an interview with Leiko Ikemura

The Japanese-Swiss artist talks about her work across drawing, painting and ceramics – currently on view in Basel

28 May 2019
Enrico David (b. 1966), photographed in his studio in Hackney, London, in January 2019.

‘I think of my sculptures as toys’ – an interview with Enrico David

The London-based artist discusses the darker side of play – and offers insight into his enigmatic sculptures

25 May 2019
Installation view of ‘DOMUS GRIMANI 1594–2019’ in the Sala della Tribuna in Palazzo Grimani, Venice, 2019. Photo: Matteo De Fina. Courtesy Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities – Polo Museale del Veneto

Stepping back in time at Palazzo Grimani in Venice

Returning the Grimani sculpture collection to its dramatic 16th-century setting feels like a dream, says Toto Bergamo Rossi

7 May 2019
Jenny Holzer (b. 1950). Photograph: Anne Truitt

‘I want people to attend to the content’ – an interview with Jenny Holzer

The artist talks about working with words, the ‘woman thing’, and why she likes to feel useful

20 Apr 2019
Hand puppets (from a set of five) (c. 1923), Eberhardt Schrammen. Klassik Stiftung Weimar

‘People have to be reminded that the Bauhaus started here’ – inside the new Bauhaus Museum in Weimar

The city is taking pains to address all aspects – both good and bad – of the legendary design school’s history

11 Apr 2019
Saint Anne with the Virgin and Child (c. 1520), Master of Elsloo. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

A Maastricht mystery – the Master of Elsloo at the Bonnefantenmuseum

Lars Hendrikman talks about curating an exhibition of sculptures attributed to the unknown woodcarver

18 Mar 2019
Self Portrait as the Apostle Paul (detail; 1661), Rembrandt van Rijn. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

The Year of Rembrandt at the Rijksmuseum

The museum’s director, Taco Dibbits, is making the most of the most comprehensive collection of Rembrandts in the world

25 Feb 2019
Elizabeth Price, photographed at her studio in London in December 2018, portrait by Tereza Červeňová

Elizabeth Price cuts through the muddle of the digital world

The Turner Prize-winning artist explains why she finds digital flotsam and jetsam so fascinating

21 Feb 2019
Judy Chicago photographed in Santa Monica in September 2018

‘You have to choose hope’ – an interview with Judy Chicago

The trailblazing artist talks about feminism, optimism, and the importance of doing your own thing

3 Feb 2019