Richard Long: The Last Amateur

Nearly 50 years ago, Richard Long transformed a simple walk into a radical act. The artist talks to Apollo about mud and mark-making, his new prints, and why he can’t stop walking

18 Mar 2015

Remaking Van Gogh’s Sunflowers: the Relievo Collection

It’s now possible to buy exact replications of Van Gogh paintings from the Van Gogh Museum. How are they produced, and why?

13 Mar 2015

Versions of Vincent

Axel Rüger talks to Apollo about the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, an enterprising institution that combines popular appeal with groundbreaking research

11 Mar 2015

Dealer’s Choice: Mallett

Giles Hutchinson Smith on Mallett’s long history, moving to Ely House, and his star exhibits at TEFAF

Dealer’s Choice: Beck & Eggeling

Michael Beck of Beck & Eggeling discusses the gallery, collecting, and the state of the art market

‘View’ Part Two: what to expect from this year’s art history festival

We spoke to Adélia Sabatini and Joséphine Seblon about the programme

25 Feb 2015

Seeing Like A Camera: Hiroshi Sugimoto

Hiroshi Sugimoto talks to Thessaly La Force about how his art collection influences his work

13 Feb 2015

Work in Focus: ‘Matèria rosada’ by Antoni Tàpies

PAMM curator Tobias Ostrander chooses one key painting from the new Tàpies retrospective in Miami

12 Feb 2015

Rule Breaker: Lynda Benglis

As a survey of Lynda Benglis’s work opens at the Hepworth Wakefield, the artist talks to Imelda Barnard about her 40-year career

6 Feb 2015

Artes Mundi: the director’s tour

As we wait to hear the winner of this year’s prize, director Karen MacKinnon discusses the shortlisted works and what they mean to her

20 Jan 2015

In the Frame: Frederick Wiseman

Frederick Wiseman talks to Fatema Ahmed about his new film, National Gallery

14 Jan 2015

Dealer’s Choice: Coll and Cortés

Jorge Coll and Nicolás Cortés celebrate 10 years of Coll & Cortés

7 Jan 2015

Koen Vanmechelen on the art of cross-breeding chickens

The Crypt Gallery in St Pancras Church is overrun with cosmopolitan chickens. Is it art?

14 Nov 2014

Dealer’s Choice: Georges de Jonckheere

De Jonckheere on the art market, and mixing Old Masters with modern art

12 Nov 2014

Ring Cycles: Benjamin Zucker’s ring collection goes on show in New York

‘Cycles of Life’ presents more than 40 exceptional historic rings

31 Oct 2014

Looking for meaning: a conversation with Jonas Burgert

To me, Burgert’s paintings are packed with art-historical allusions. But if the artist meant them to sneak in, he won’t admit it

24 Oct 2014

County Durham celebrates its Spanish heritage

Auckland Castle, the Bowes Museum and Durham University host a major Spanish Art symposium which draws on the region’s own superb collections

22 Oct 2014

Dealer’s Choice: Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips on selling and collecting 18th-century furniture

18 Oct 2014

Frieze Masters: Daniel Crouch Rare Books

Apollo spoke to the first rare books and maps dealer to exhibit at Frieze Masters

17 Oct 2014

Frieze Masters: Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Mitchell-Innes & Nash have teamed up with Annely Juda Fine Art to present a series of drawings after Old Masters by Leon Kossoff

16 Oct 2014

Frieze Masters: Bacon at Marlborough Fine Art

‘Study for Bullfight no. 1’ steals the show at Stand C8. We spoke to Alexander Platon about the display

15 Oct 2014

Dealer’s Choice: Lyndsey Ingram

Lyndsey Ingram discusses her work at Sims Reed Gallery and the market for contemporary and modern prints

13 Oct 2014

Looking ahead: Katie Paterson discusses her ‘Future Library’

Katie Paterson’s latest work will be one hundred years in the making

11 Oct 2014