‘I love the shock of conflict between cultures’

Huang Yong Ping on blurring the lines between Chinese and Western traditions

4 Apr 2016

Why collect only women artists?

Valeria Napoleone discusses her unusual collection, and the importance of her relationships with artists

27 Mar 2016

Contemporary wounds at the heart of TEFAF

The curator of ‘Show your Wound’ discusses his thorny choice of subject and changing ideas

10 Mar 2016

The modern mysteries of Michaël Borremans

The Belgian painter reveres the Old Masters but is ‘ashamed’ by the state of figurative painting today

5 Mar 2016

‘This is what we can do in an encyclopaedic museum’

Sheena Wagstaff on the Met’s ambitious plans for the Breuer building

1 Mar 2016

Christo prepares to walk on water

Christo and his wife and collaborator Jeanne-Claude wanted to walk on water nearly 40 years ago. The Floating Piers project this summer will achieve their dream.

16 Feb 2016
The artist Susan Hiller in 2014.

Susan Hiller’s search for the right medium

‘What’s happened to the witch, the German puppet witch?’ Susan Hiller enquires of the waitress…

9 Feb 2016

Omar Kholeif on how the internet transformed art

‘I’ve always been interested in artists who stretch the formal limits of technology’

13 Jan 2016

Ellsworth Kelly (1923–2015)

Remembering the great pioneer of American abstraction, who has died at the age of 92

28 Dec 2015

Hal Foster on art after 1989 and the rise of the zombie

Hal Foster talks to Fatema Ahmed about art after the end of the Cold War, the cultural dominance of zombies, and why he eavesdrops in museums

9 Dec 2015

‘Our Europe is an inclusive Europe’: the Victoria and Albert Museum’s new European Galleries

Lesley Miller, the lead curator of the museum’s new ‘Europe 1600–1815 Galleries’ explains the hard decisions involved in making displays

4 Dec 2015

Solitary Soul: Interview with Lee Ufan

‘My painting is a game, with the canvas as my opponent’

16 Nov 2015

Ugo Rondinone’s love letter to John Giorno

The Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone talks to Imelda Barnard about creating an exhibition dedicated to John Giorno, the American avant-garde poet

2 Nov 2015

‘Watching this chaos unfurl’: Interview with Joanna Kirk

‘There is an element in my work that is a bit like bringing up small children’

22 Sep 2015

Yael Bartana brings controversial new work to Jerusalem Season of Culture

‘It’s one of the most charged locations I’ve ever been to’.

12 Sep 2015

How Edmund de Waal came to love the colour white

The artist is to curate a show about the colour at the Royal Academy

12 Aug 2015

An Art History Lesson from Bridget Riley at the De La Warr Pavilion

‘I was looking at Cézanne along Matisse’s lines’

12 Aug 2015

A Necessary Realism: Interview with Luc Tuymans

‘When I paint I don’t want to think any more.’

8 Aug 2015

Jonathan Ruffer’s grand plans for Auckland Castle

He’s saved the castle’s Zurbarán paintings; now he wants to transform the town into a hub for Spanish art

1 Aug 2015

Black & White: Interview with William Kentridge

For the South African artist William Kentridge, everything begins with printmaking

28 Jul 2015

England’s history in photographs: highlights from ‘Picturing England’

Fascinating photographs from an extraordinary collection

8 Jul 2015

Pablo Bronstein on Chatsworth, the Grand Tour and his love of delft

‘There’s an element of me that’s contrarian’

3 Jul 2015

My Masterpiece Selection: Amanda Levete

From Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim to ceramics at the V&A: the architect selects her favourite masterpieces

28 Jun 2015

My Masterpiece Selection: Anita Zabludowicz

‘My ultimate masterpiece is the home that I have lived in for 15 years’

27 Jun 2015